He awoke with a vague feeling that something had happened...something big.  He rubbed the side of his face, feeling dried thick liquid on his cheek.  He looked at his hand, dark red.


The smell, one he couldn't quite place, was enough to make his stomach lurch, yet strangely brought him a sense of comfort. 


His body ached all over, yet he felt strangely energized.


 He looked around the room.  Nothing seemed out of place, but he would have to investigate further in the morning.  He could only see shadows in the blue moonlight.


What had happened?  Why couldn't he remember? 


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(I like this beginning Hetty, I'll start the next one. Can't resist what looks like a Vamp story)


Shards of memory were hitting him as he stared at the ceiling, they made him wince. Violence, brutal violence...these were the associations he was making with these memories. This can't be real he thought. He got up and went to the bathroom and turned on the light. He yawned and was scratching his ribs when he felt something, feeling some more he thought 'what the hell'. He walked to the mirror and looked. He was completely covered in what looked like finger nail scratches in almost every direction, some very deep, and yet felt no pain. Frantically now he was trying to remember, more bits and pieces were coming back...screaming, yelling, and blood, lots of blood. Finally something came back to him, escape, I was trying to escape from something. Why can't I remember he thought, what was I running from, what ever it was it nearly ripped me open judging from these wounds, and this dried blood, it must be mine. He turned and walked back into his living room. No use in trying to go back to bed, I've got to figure this out. Holy shit, were the police involved?? His brain was going a mile a minute now thinking the worst, maybe he was involved in something illegal or...why can't I remember? He clicked on the light and his eyes went wide. The living room looked like it had been splattered with blood, red splashes everywhere. Looking around he suddenly jumped back up against a wall, my God, oh my God, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets. In the corner was what looked like a pile of bloody clothes, but when his brain made sense of it, they weren't clothes...it was the body of a woman, heaped in a pile like she had been thrown there by a giant. More memories coming back now, more hideous memories...I wasn't trying to escape anything...it was her, she was trying to escape..from me!

What to do?  What to do? 

Should he call the police?  A priest perhaps?  He chuckled sarcastically, yeah right!

The body!  Maybe she was alive after all!  Doesn't hurt to try. 

He cautiously moved across the room, forcing himself to look at the body, when all he wanted to do was run and hide.  He got closer and more nervous.  What would he see?  What had he done? 

He stood above the body and reached out to touch her, roll her over so he could see who it was.  He silently got closer...closer...

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"He jumped and spun around to peer out the window.  A girl was screaming and laughing with her friends on the sidewalk.

It made him remember something.

Bits of vsions flickered across his brain.  A face.  A woman's face and a knife and blood.  So much blood.  He shook his head as if to empty the thoughts.  He needed to be clear-headed now.

He reached down and touched the woman's neck, what was left of it.  Certainly no pulse.  No veins looked intact enough to hold a pulse!

He felt sick, but strangely, very strangely, aroused in some way. 

He rolled the body to closer to him.  Her hand fell at his feet as he laid her on her back.

No!  It couldn't be!!!!

...It was. The new girl that had moved in down the hall. He had remembered that when she first moved in he was getting those old feelings again. The same feelings that he thought he had rid himself of months ago. He leaned against the wall and let himself slide down to the floor. 'It's starting again, I can feel it' he said to himself, 'is there nothing that can put this to rest?'

The smell of the blood was overpowering his thoughts, he had to get rid of the body right away or who knows what kind of a frenzy it would send him into. He was now on a mission, not like he hadn't done this before, but this was the first time in his own apartment...killing, feeding...what had reactivated the Demon in him. He was going to find out but not until he got this mess cleaned up.


He rubbed his face nervousl and paced back and forth.  "How do I get rid of this mess?  He heard his dog, Fluffy (half Husky/half Doberman) scratching at the bedroom door.  He thought the dog's name was a disgrace, but after he was named by his original owner, the animal refused to answer to anything else.  He usually had to lock Fluffy up when he had company.  He had a disposition and size that scared most people, especially women it seemed. 

He released the beast from the bedroom and almost laughed to himself as he imagined the Hounds of Hell comic book he had as a kid.  "Enjoy, my boy", he said and patted Fluffy on the head.  Fluffy responded with a growl, bared his bloody teeth, and set back to work.  He licked and tore at the body with such ferocity that it almost scared him. 

"Jude," he said outloud to himself, "this cannot happen again".  He watched in horror and fascination as Fluffy made work of his meal.  Although he did wonder if this might work after all.  Maybe they would be a good team.  Jude and the garbage disposal named Fluffy. 


The office was huge. The furniture all real wood and the desk could have been 10 feet deep, it probably was. From where Jason was sitting the man behind the desk, in his tailored suit, looked like he was a child, that's how far away he was. After about 5 minutes, Jason could see that familiar look come across his publishers face, he didn't like this one either.

"Jason, I'm going to do us both a big favor. I'm not going to read anymore of your story because I don't want to tarnish my belief in your talent as a writer. Vampire stories are a dime a dozen these days, did you even research any of this, did you even check out the community?"

By this time Jason had slid down into a depressed heap in his chair. "Community, what are you talking about...you mean Vampire community?" he couldn't help but chuckle, but when he looked up Mr. Daniels was not laughing back, as a matter of fact he had a very serious look on his face 

"Yes, Vampire community!" 

Jason sat up a little straighter and, feeling a little silly asked, "There's a Vampire community, you mean real Vampires, fangs, blood, bats...come on Tim" Jason wasn't chuckling this time, he was actually feeling a little insulted, he wasn't stupid after all.

Mr. Daniels just stared back at him, "Jason I'm going to do you another favor, I have a ...friend ...in the community, I think it would be a good thing for you to interview them, see what it's all about, check it out for yourself and make your own decisions as to what's real or not. Plus it will make for some great material for this story you want so badly to sell me. What do you say, can't hurt right?"

"How are involved in this community Tim?'

"Oh ha ha, I'm not, not at all. Like I said I have a friend who is...and, I'm going to call them and set a meeting between you two, what do you say Jason...for me, for the book..."

"OK Tim, you have my curiosity going now, I'll meet them"

Mr. Daniels slapped his hands on the desk in delight, "Great, that's great Jason, I'll have Joanne call you with details later. This is a good decision my boy, give me a call next week and tell me all about it won't you? Now I'm sorry, but I have other appointments waiting." He reached half way across the huge desk and extended his hand, Jason had to stretch the rest of the way to connect, they shook hands and the meeting was over.


It was getting late and Jason was wondering when Tim's secretary was going to call and just then  received a text message.

"Hello Jason, you're meeting is scheduled for midnight tonight at the 'Over Easy' club, just ask for 'D' at the door. Regards Joanne."

Hmmm this getting more interesting all the time he thought, I wonder if 'D' stands for Dracula...he chuckled to himself while putting on his coat.


The taxi pulled up to the club, Jason looked through the car window, nothing seemed unusual about it, a few people standing outside, a couple of them obviously pissed drunk... looked like a club to him. He stepped out of the cab and paid the driver then turned around to find the doorman. He decided to ask the biggest bouncer there and, no surprise, had found the doorman. "I have an appointment with D..."

"You Jason?"


"Follow me" They stepped off the sidewalk and through the doors. The music was deafening but it was a good sound system and Jason didn't mind it. The doorman led Jason to a wall with a series of doors that almost looked like confessionals, and knocked on one. He held the door open for Jason and when he entered he was taken aback, she was beautiful, dressed Goth...ish, and was staring right back into Jason's eyes, "You are Tim's friend Jason right?"

"Yes I'm Jason...so you must be D?" 

"In the flesh, you can call me D, it's short for Diandra"

"Have a seat Jason, take a load off"

Jason looked at the chair  with a suspicious glare

"Oh don't worry" D said  exhaling the smoke from her cigarette, "it's perfectly clean if that's what you're thinking, probably closer to sterile if anything"

Jason sat down and made himself comfortable, he felt an immediate trust with her. She smiled at him, "Did you think these booths were used for sex?"

Jason looked at her surprised, "Well I wasn't quite sure what goes on here, I mean I just...it's a little odd that's all, having private rooms right off the dance floor...I've never seen it before."

Diandra chuckled and cocked her head, "Tim was right, you are quite the outsider", she again made eye contact, "and kinda cute too...: She leaned back in her chair and took another drag from her smoke. She abruptly looked away and became quite serious, "These rooms are used for donating."

"Donating...ahh blood you mean"

She put her cigarette out and put one leg over the other, "So you are not that naive, that's good...well it's a start." She chuckled again and was rotating her ankle which drew Jason's eyes to her legs. She was wearing black stockings with random tears in them, the mix of nylon and flesh was intoxicating to him. He had a hard time pulling his vision back up to her eyes but she had already caught him looking. She just glared back into his eyes and lit another cigarette.

"You smoke a lot do you?", hoping to change the subject...

She looked at the cigarette then quickly snuffed it out, "Yeah, too much, trying to quit actually. Didn't even realize I lit up," she said with a smile and a glance. "I guess I'm a little nervous too, I didn't know who or what to expect when Tim called and asked me to meet one of his writers."

"So how do you know Tim ?"

"I used to work in his office, I was one of his secretaries...yes me a secretary...deal with it" They both had a good laugh over that and the night became more and more comfortable for the both of them as they conversed. Minutes turned into hours...

"To tell you the truth, I was expecting someone with fangs and cat's eyes contacts, but you are such a nice surprise, human." Jason laughed, Diandra smiled.

"We are all human Jason, every one of us. It's how we decide to live our lives that make us different"

"I agree 100%" Jason said, but couldn't help notice the expression on D's face, "What are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking it's time Jason"

"OK, time for what?"

"Time for tonight's lesson" She got up and took her coat from the hook and wrapped it around herself. With out having to hear a word, Jason did the same and they were escorted out of the club by the security and into a limousine that was waiting for them. They both got in. The only urge Jason had was to follow Diandra. "Where are we going?"

She smiled that pretty smile and looked into his eyes giving him peace of mind, "You'll see soon enough", then she looked away and stared out the window into the rainy night.


The limousine took off smoothly and quietly, "Champagne?" she asked, "it will help you to relax".

"No, thank you, I'm really trying to wrap my head around this whole thing and I've probably drank too much already". She looked at him with disbelief and put the bottle back into the ice bucket, "perhaps you're right, it is getting late and I need you to understand what 's about to happen." He was looking straight into her eye when she said that...she just looked away, and gazed out the window.

"Fuck it, you know what, crack that bottle open D." They both started laughing as she reached for the champagne...then a small lurch! They both turned around to look out the rear window. "Did someone just hit us?" Now a big hit, highbeams blasting through the window, it knocked D to the floor. Jason reached down to help her then again, another hit. Who ever hit them was trying to knock them off the road. D managed to get back in the seat and Jason helped her to get strapped in. "Joey!" D yelled at the chauffeur, "get us the fuck out of here!"...




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