To all it may concerns that reads this,

     In 2007 I acquired my company 13th Chamber inc. which does a various of things persay. Last year I purchased a website and that deal with journalistic events affecting everyone around the world and a blog for anyone to comment. Now in 2019 as I look at this site I realized what a wonderfully created site with open expressions searching for the unknown. Much has changed since this site was up and running originally but the search for many of supernaturally and magically things here still alludes many and many fantasies fictional movies and real documentaries on certain subjects have been discussed and shared through the world wide web and this new generation has consumed so much with the access they have now. 

This site has always done well but has potential, I believe that perhaps incorporating some live streaming face time features and group voice and video chat rooms should be on the agenda/ Advertisements and creating perhaps a new version of facebook maybe combining the idea of facebook, twitter, and skype and perhaps having something else would make this place more successful. Everyone here knows the magic arts and many subjects here are still far from mainstream but it is more accepted as common place so perhaps this site could be designed with those three sites I mentioned in my last sentence ( of course not using the same sites making a version of them) with a touch of what this site is now could be something unique and popular..

I wish to make a request to purchase this site from the owner or owners or perhaps take charge but make request for changes and will stay in their requested guidelines. I would like to indeed make this site something that dos produce a profit I will not hide such out of respect but not disseminate the site either.

I can be contacted at

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