Living In The Intersection between Heaven & Earth By Ann Albers ... And ... The Power of Blessings By Shanta Gabriel ... And ... Your Guide To Living Well By Ailia Mira

Living In The Intersection between Heaven & Earth

By Ann Albers

Ann .....

Just as we exist within and between earth and sky, the angels remind us we exist at the intersection between heaven and earth.

I'll share more about how I create a heavenly life and how you can train your brain to find heaven within, even when external circumstances don't easily inspire it!

Love you all!
♥ Ann

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Look to the horizon. There you will see a line where earth meets the sky. Imagine you walk towards it, hoping to touch the sky, and yet no matter how far or fast you travel you can never each it for it is always moving farther out in front of you. Then one day you realize the obvious – that no matter where you are, you already stand at the intersection between earth and sky.

Likewise enlightenment can feel like a distant horizon. You learn about the true nature of reality. You begin to talk to your guides. You may even have mystical experiences and yet you fall back easily into very human challenges. The feeling of being completely connected with and immersed in love comes and goes. One minute you are sure you can reach it, and the next it seems to move farther away.

Be kind and patient with yourselves as you continue to awaken your spirit here upon the earth. You are not moving "forward" and "backwards" in your spiritual progress. You are simply developing the "muscle" of your focus to remain more steadfast in the vibrations of love and joy.

Enlightenment – like the horizon – is not a faraway, elusive goal. Instead it is a state of being accessible to you in the here and now, more and more so, as the illusions of separation between heaven and earth drop away.

Just as you stand at that intersection between earth and sky, you also stand at the intersection between heaven and earth in every moment. In your human body, if you "look up" you see sky. If you "look down" you see earth. You inhale and exhale the sky. You eat and excrete the fruits of the earth. You live, truly, in both worlds.

So too, with your spirit. When you "look up" by noticing the gifts of love in the moment – around you, from others, and within you –  it is then that you feel heaven. When you "look down" by noticing what is wrong, out of order, or negative, then you feel very earth bound.

Just as you must breathe to keep in alive in the physical body, so too you must tap into the heavenly vibrations of love to keep your heart and soul alive with passion and joy here upon your planet earth.

If you were to eat, but not breathe, you would not last long. Likewise, if you were to focus only on earthly matters, but not take the time to connect with the energies of love and joy in some fashion, your spirit would soon feel numb as well.

If you were to breathe without eating, you might live for some time but eventually you would become weak and ill-equipped to handle your earthly life, Likewise if you focus only upon spirit, you would need someone else to attend to your earthly matters.

The ideal life occurs when you eat, breathe, fill your life with inspiration and from that vantage point attend to your earthly activities.

No matter how much you have to do, you can take a few moments throughout your day to nurture your soul. Simply stop wherever you are. Breathe deeply. Look for the smallest evidence of the Creator's love in your life. Give thanks for the smallest blessings.

Take a few moments to shut your eyes and sit, breathe, receive... for love, dear ones is like oxygen for the soul. You need these moments of focusing upon it, and therefore feeling it. It is there as an energy, waiting for you to receive it, as surely as oxygen exists in your atmosphere waiting for you to breathe.

Thus, your moments of "down time" are really your time to "look up" or more accurately, "look in." They are never wasted. Enjoy your earthly matters while you exist in these bodies, but don't forget to spiritually breathe, by focusing on anything that inspires the feelings of love and joy.

You live and exist at the intersections between earth and sky. So too you live at the intersection between heaven and earth. Heaven upon this earth is attainable simply by training your focus to "look up" and "breathe in" the love that is there at all times.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Awaken Your Healing Energies & Be Healed & Uplifted With The Archangels"

Message From Ann .....

Hi Everyone,

I seek to create heaven on earth – both in my inner and outer life. I feel heaven easily when I'm in a beautiful place, listening to inspiring music, in nature, eating delicious food, spending time with friends or family, looking into the eyes of one of God's creatures, being creative and the list goes on...

It is, of course, more challenging to feel heaven when I have to generate the feelings solely from within, but it is totally doable, and well worth the effort!

While there are many belief systems that say one must forgo earthly pleasures to access the treasures of the soul and the bliss of heaven, I disagree. I believe we can use the feelng of earthly pleasures to help us learn to reliably tune into the blissful, loving feelings from within.

My human joys uplift my spirit, but they also help me train my mind to more easily recognize and attune to energies of love, joy, expansion, and connection so I can call these up from within when life itself doesn't offer them easily.

For example, I love beautiful surroundings, but I've stayed at some pretty un-beautiful hotels in the past. In one, I was on the treadmill in the hotel's old, dull gray gym, working hard to exercise my body, and even harder to exercise my mind. In this unpleasant environment, I challenged myself to find a feeling of expansion. Suddenly I noticed a patch of bright blue in an otherwise dull print on the wall and was instantly transported as it reminded me of the expansive Arizona sky. Now, knowing that feelingof expansion by heart, I can find it inside, even in the ugliest places.

Same goes for love. When I cannot find it externally, I share it. I simply sit and call up the feeling from within by thinking of anyone or anything I love. I imagine myself wildly in love with life and life loving me right back. Pretty soon those feelings you get when you first fall in love come up from inside and I'm filled to the brim and spilling over. We can create our own chemical brain cocktails simply by memory, and suddenly we shift our energy field as well to feel that heavenly love we live and breathe within.

I call up feelings of connection when I focus on anything or anyone with appreciation and simply begin to notice all their good points - be it a tree or a human being. Suddenly I feel as if I'm in communion with it, or them.

At first it takes work to train the mind to find the heavenly feelings within. I've had some pretty dark times in my life. I've been dumped, betrayed, lied to, criticized, had my character defamed, been deathly ill, etc. In those times it took willpower to shift my mind from the "earthbound" reality, as the angels call it, to something more heavenly.

It took shifting my thoughts little by little, by degrees, slowly but surely, to something – anything – more loving. With practice, this became easier and easier. I felt I'd finally achieved a degree of control over my mind last year when I found individuals I cared about were speaking ill of me behind my back and all I could feel was compassion for the pain that drove their unpleasant behaviors.

Heaven really is accessible from within. It is found in the moment we discover a way to feel loved or loving, connected, joyful, or at least grateful. It is found in the smallest memory of something good, and in the deepest moments of appreciation.

It is found when we grant ourselves external circumstances that delight us and when we can call up thoughts inside that can create this joy and love as well. Heaven, as the angels say, isn't so much a place as a state of being. We only enjoy it more intensely when we die, only because our mental blocks to seeing and receiving love drop away as we return home and we find ourselves in our most natural state of being, being and living in love!


Here are a few pointers to help you feel a more heavenly life, right here and now...

1. Grant yourself external experiences that make you feel heavenly.

It is natural to want to surround yourself with things, people, and situations that easily inspire you to feel good. Go for it! Get food that delight your senses. Surround yourself with comfortable textures and colors. This doesn't have to cost a lot. When I worked as an engineer a few happy photos on my desk transported me into bliss in an otherwise dull cubicle.

Think of these external things as "training wheels" - they help you find that feeling of love and joy that feels heavenly.

2. Challenge yourself to look for things to appreciate and feel good about no matter where you are

The next step is to challenge yourself to find things to love and appreciate even when it isn't easy. Sitting in an ice cold conference room in dull engineering meetings, I challenged myself to focus on people's good points, or on anything beautiful. When faced with angry people I challenge myself to imagine the love in their soul that must lie beneath such frustration. When in ugly environments I challenge myself to look for anything beautiful - even a color or door handle!

By seeking that which we can feel good about it, we find it more easily, and better yet, we train our minds to become strong in their quest for positive feelings, rather than falling lazily into conditioned negative thought patterns.

3. Now Practice calling up good feelings even when your external world doesn't easily trigger them

Next time you have a big bill, are dealing with an unpleasant person, are upset or worried, see if you can find heavenly feelings within. This is not easy. You first have to interrupt yourself or distract yourself from the negative feelings. Use your "training wheels" first. Look at something beautiful. Listen to some beautiful music. Eat something nourishing.

Now sit quietly, preferably alone. Recall something or someone that made you feel loved, secure, happy... whatever heavenly feeling you are in need of. If you can't find a memory, imagine something that makes you feel that way. Really keep working with your mind to create thoughts that give you the heavenly feeling you want inside of yourself.

Your mind is yours. Train it and you'll reclaim it.

If you are angry, remember a time you were in love, a time you felt peace, or imagine being at peace with the person who upset you. Imagine their hurting soul and imagine having compassion. If you can't do that, think thoughts of compassion for yourself.

Do what it takes to remember or imagine someting that makes you feel peaceful. It will take willpower to keep refocusing the mind on something better than what is being presented to you, but you can do it.

If you are worried, remember a time you felt secure. Imagine that the situation or relationship is resolved. Find that feeling. It lives inside of you.

If you are sick, it takes willpower to remember or imagine a time you felt well. When I got sick a few weeks ago I imagined hiking my favorite trail. In my mind, I walked four miles feeling healthy, strong, and thrilled with life. I was well in two days!

Creating heavenly situations in the external world is fun!

Looking for something heavenly in mundane or unpleasant circumstances takes effort and creativity.

However the real mastery occurs when we learn to use our minds as a tool, to think good thoughts, that inspire good feelings.
It isn't always easy, I know! But it can be done, and when you practice it long enough, you can more easily find heaven within...

... and that of course allows you to more quickly receive help from the universe in creating a heavenly external life!

This week go for it. Create a little more heaven in your external life. Look for a little move heaven in the mundane. Then dive within and see if you can dredge up heavenly feelings without an external reason. Imagine you're in love with life and life loves you right back.

This is an exercise program for the mind... and the more you practice, the more wonderful it feels!

Love you all!
Have a heavenly week!

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The Power of Blessings By Shanta Gabriel

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

This message from Archangel Gabriel invites us to expand our abilities to create greater possibilities for being happy and living in more beautiful, inspired ways.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week


Take time to bless that which you have and ask for what you want.

Shanta's Message .....

To bless means to confer energy on whatever person or situation you are focused upon. It is a wonderful way to bring Divinity into our daily lives, and this practice honors the Oneness within us at all times.

And even if the reality of where we are is not what we like, it is important to bring conscious awareness to the place of "what is" so that we can expand our perceptions to include what is possible.

It is important to recognize and honor all that is manifesting in our lives. It is then possible for recognition and gratitude to surface. Without that point of honoring what we have already in our lives and being grateful, we are not in a place of magnetism for what we want to experience instead.

For many years I seemed to be waiting for something else to change before I could be happy. I kept thinking that soon I would have the situation in my work I had been wanting, or people would finally change so all would then be harmonious.
This led me to living in the future, out of balance and out of touch with my present life. It was not a resourceful state for me to be in. When the life I was leading went through a very radical change, I was not prepared to lose everything I thought was important to me. It could be called involuntary simplification, because now I know the Universe will use anything it can to get my attention.

Sitting in that place of emptiness, I had to examine my core values, becoming more clear about what was truly important to me. I found a new level of compassion and love for who I was at the core of my being.
I recognized that my spiritual base did not change and that in all the ways that truly mattered, I was not lost, no matter how it felt. I learned the lesson that my Soul was valiantly trying to teach me — that loving myself and honoring the present time was essential. I soon found that the more authentically me I became, the happier I was.

The spiritual principles that taught me about what I truly needed to feel whole were still within me, active and well. I discovered that even though it appeared that I had lost everything, I was actually living in a resourceful state that allowed me to follow my heart and pay attention to my inner guidance system. All of this I could bless with my full attention and be very grateful.

When we ask for something, we are honoring the Divine Presence and letting the Universe know what we need. It creates an opening to the Divine River of All Creation; that sacred flow of Divinity that is always available for us. When we can match the vibration of our desires, we become a magnet for their manifestation by the Law of Attraction.

Giving thanks in advance allows us to strengthen and raise our vibrational frequency. This helps us to radiate the beautiful energy of gratitude into our world. The benevolence of God responds to this beauty and will flow to us what we are asking for if we can continue to sustain and strengthen the power of our attention.

The focus of our attention is the attracting force for the flow of the Divine. If we continue to complain about what we don't have, it creates a powerful concentration on what is not working. The result is we will receive more of what we don't want from the same Benevolent Force that provides what we are focused on at all times.
That is why the energy of blessing is so powerful. Even if we really don't know what lesson we are receiving from a less than happy situation, we can still offer our blessings so it can provide a catalyst for the change we do want.

Through this concentration on the spiritual base of our reality, we become very resilient and open to new levels of support from the Universal Presence who cares for us eternally. All that we need is then provided with more Grace and Ease, and we know to the core of our being that we are truly loved.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for the life I have been given and for the lessons I am learning on all levels. Please bless all my relationships and all the situations in my life with Love and Divine Order. May all beings be blessed to receive more Grace and Love in their lives.

May my consciousness be blessed with Divine Light and brought to a frequency that is in harmony with that which I truly desire to receive in my life. I am open to receive the Grace that is here for me now. Thank you, God. And so it is.

Video - "Let Yourself Receive The Creator's Grace & Blessings Through The Great Beings of Light" -
Archangel Gabriel's Message .....
Dear One,
You may be finding yourself in a time of questioning and dissatisfaction with your life. However, this is also a time of great opportunity. Every moment of your conscious awareness creates the qualities of your future moments. You can ask for those qualities you feel are missing from your life now, and they will come to you from your sincere prayer.
It is not about asking for material things. Instead, ask for those qualities of consciousness you believe you would have if you had the things you want. For example, if you want a new job, what qualities would this job give you? Abundant income? Harmonious atmosphere with co-workers? Fulfillment and joy doing that which you love? Perhaps ease in transportation?
When you know the qualities you want, this allows the Universe to provide these qualities in a work situation that may be even better than the type of work you were looking for. When you ask for a narrowly defined work environment, you may get exactly what you ask for but the qualities that would make you happy may not be present.
It’s important not to limit the response of the Universe to the confines of your present awareness. But if you do choose to be precise, also say, “this or something better, God” and then let go. You can also give thanks in advance for answered prayers by saying, “Thank you, Divine Presence, for meeting my needs in ways better than I can imagine. Thank you for Divine Order in this situation.”
Blessing situations also brings more good to you. Even if your world appears to be falling apart around you, you can bless the changes occurring and know there is Divine Order beneath the illusion of disharmony.
Though it may not appear that you have much you can bless, you can bless the gift of another day of life. You can bless the learning experiences you are now receiving, knowing they are bringing you to a greater good. You can bless the people in your life. Know that they are your perfect teachers for what you need to learn at this time.
Remember to give more attention to what you want than to what you don’t have. It seems a small distinction, but power is given to whatever you focus your energy upon. If what you are experiencing is not what you want, bless it anyway. But do not dwell there.
Shift your focus to ask for whatever good you want — greater happiness, joy-filled relationships, abundant income, satisfying work. Then say, “Thank you, God” and release your prayers to the Universe to be fulfilled. Whenever you think of it, bless your life, say thank you for what you have and want, then let Divine Will take over.
You deserve to be happy and have miracles in your life. A prayerful attitude of blessing and gratitude can bring to you all the good life has to offer. You are worthy to receive the grace of God. All who ask sincerely are answered in kind.
Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today is:

Take time to bless that which you have and ask for what you want.
Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel
February 17, 2019
Video - "Let The Light Language & AA Metatron Spin The Metatron Cube For Your Spiritual Upliftment" -


Your Guide To Living Well By Ailia Mira

Message From Ailia .....

Hello Lovely!

Sweet. Delicious. Uplifting.

Cozy, comforting, really beautiful. Laugh out loud funny.

Words, a sentence, an experience, a view or even a picture that immediately makes you smile. Brings you pleasure and joy.

That's what I wish for you today, now.

Life is supposed to be fun, to feel good and be an experience of ever expanding joy.

We hear this, but do we really believe it?

This is worth considering - is that real to you?

Understand that what feels real to you is what you give your attention to. You make real what feels real, steady, and reliable, to you by giving it your attention, repeatedly.

Yesterday I received a wonderfully clear message from Ashira, that shows us how good it can be and gives clear guidance for how to live well.

Message From Arcturian Ascended Master Ashira .....

Hello Beloved,

We greet you in love.


There is nothing more for you to do in life, than to follow your own flow.

When you allow yourself to flow, life becomes easy, fulfilling, free and effortless.


Most humans do not realize the effortlessness that is here for you.

It is far more typical to feel a need to strive, to “make things happen” than it is to feel the life is effortless, much less easy.

Yet it can be that way.

Today we’d like to share a few simple questions you can use to access your innate, natural wisdom.

You can use these at any time, and they will open up for you a new relationship with Life.


Within you is all that you need.

Most of you are far more wise and informed, than you allow yourself to take to heart.

You do have a sense of what feels right to you in your heart.


If we asked you, “What feels best to you right now? What would you like to do that brings me joy?” 

You have an answer.

Maybe more than one even.

You would not struggle to answer those questions.

You can quite naturally feel the inner knowing to these questions.

Learning to feel for that knowing. Your natural response to

These question is the way to live your life.


What feels best to me right now?

What would you like to do that brings me joy?” 


In the asking of these kinds of questions you become more aware of the inner you,

The vastness you are,

The fullness you are becoming.


You allow yourself to know you.

You as you are here, are also shaping all that you are.


All that you are is within you all the time.

You can feel for it and these questions help you know yourself, now.


What feels best to me right now?

What would you like to do that brings me joy?” 


When you dare to live in a relationship to yourself like this, you find ease.

Ease is within you. It is natural for you to be alive here and feel free.


Most of you think you cannot feel free until you accomplish some specific thing.

That thing is usually related to money and to ideas of how to be a better version of you.

We want you to start think of what you do and what you do next, 

As ways to know yourself by following your heart.

By trusting that inner sense of what will bring you ease and joy now.

By feeling your way.


If you’re not feeling good, ease and joy may seem like a stretch.

But if you would do what felt best to you right now,

If you would tune in and feel for: Now - What would you like to do that brings me joy?” 

You would make choices that would increasingly bring you into unity of spirit.

Harmony with all you are.

The world is energy in structure, vibrating according to focus and the natural expression of that structure.

Only humans have the capacity to be contrary to their very nature and choose to focus in ways that take them into discord. Splitting the energy within you.

Focusing yourself into dissatisfaction,

Into a state in which you feel ill at ease in life,

Scaring yourselves,

Making yourself feel nervous, unhappy

By how you think and what you focus upon.


But so too, is feeling for what you like, what you want and what feels good to you.

That too, is a human capacity and one you are skillful in discerning.

Far more skillful in this knowing that you allow yourselves to claim.

Or use.

What if you reclaimed your natural wisdom and begin to listen to that?

Your natural wisdom is knowing, in the present, what you want, now.

What would you like to do that brings me joy?” 

What calls to you, what interests you.

You can build a life, by living that.

By letting yourself do that.

You will at first find, that perhaps you feel doing this may be living a very irresponsible life.

That you’re ignoring things that you should be doing. Should are about.

Ought to do if you knew what’s good for you.

It may elicit the practiced thoughts of “Who are you kidding? Who do you think you are?”


But if you persist, and allow yourself to choose what you want,

What would you like to do that brings me joy?” 

You will find in not too long, that you feel differently about yourself and about life.

You will find that you can feel very clear and whole in your day to day life.

Video "333 Galactic Portal Meditation - Embracing New Light Waves" By Steve Nobel


By listening to your inner knowing, you become aligned with All.


Even though in a sense you are simply tuning to you - the vastness within you.

Doing so aligns you with everything.

This is a substantial and very practical way to live.


Life opens for you when you play this way.

Living from your own inner wisdom,

Your natural wisdom, you feel 



Life become easy.


Life becomes natural.


You feel more relaxed and you learn you can trust yourself.

Because you discover you can trust yourself, you have more courage in life.

You live with more heart and soul.

You feel more alive and real.

You start to realize that you can feel really good and yet not that much has changed about life,

In a way.


And yet the way you feel is really different.

And you start to do new things. Small things perhaps at first.

You walk, instead of driving somewhere.


You eat too much for lunch and you forget that you did so, by dinner.


Your relationship to you is lightening up and with that,

New experiences are happening.


You’re expanding.


At first it may seem to be not very significant.

But the lining up with you, is a lining up with everything that is.


Things will go your way more often. And you’ll start to expect that.

You’ll start to feel that you know when something will work for you,

And when it won’t.

Because of this kind of trusting relationship to life,

You relax more.


Feeling more steady and relaxed,

You manifest things that feel smooth and spacious to you.

You stop trying to figure out the balancing act because

It all comes into harmony on it’s own.


You’re allowing LIFE, to express through you.


Your diet, your finances, your relationships, your self-expression,

Your family life, your home life, the way you feel the world.

All of it starts to shimmer and shine, with a kind of internal radiance.

That’s how you see life - it’s brighter.

Because, dear one,

You’re brighter.


You’re different, vibrationally and

Vibrational change is how you change anything.


Natural wisdom. You each have it.

It is that simple clear knowing within you,

That always tells you “yes” or “no,” with regards to now.


That can inform your life, and with that flow,

Liberate the manifestations in your life,

Showing you directly, the foundation of being,

The  loving benevolence of LIFE,

Fully flowing as you,

Fully experienced, by you,



The experience you might call

Soaring. (Smile).

Soaring - riding the rising energy with the effortless know-how, of using your body-mind, here, 

Informed, by your soul.


This is naturalness.

This is who you truly are.


Video - "Archangel Jophiel Transmission: Invoking the Citrine-Gold Ray of Beauty, Creativity and Joy" By Steve Nobel -

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