I've been thinking that we need a new look! I love this beautiful look, but let's see what you all think!

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I DO like the look we have.(but of course that doesn't mean another look might not be just as cool!)

thank you! i agree!

I love this look but, change sometimes is good as well....will be interesting to see what suggestions members come up with....I think the rose ought to be featured....but maybe a different shade of the rose.....

yes. that sounds cool.

I too love this look.  Especially the black rose...we really need to keep that.  I don't know, I have become so used to the look of the site and really like it the way it is, but if you change it...please don't get rid of the black rose since it is in the name of the site.




I think changing the background would be good to be honest. But it's up to hetty!! :D Oh, and Nancy I love that layout :)

i love that picture too. let's brainstorm.

i agree. we need to keep the rose. what kind of ideas do you guys think? i thought something sexy and also, what's the word, ethereal? something that makes us all feel happy and represented. spiritual and sexy.

Yes, sexy , spiritual and ethereal.  Incorporate that black rose photo I gave you and let's work around that.  The background on that black rose photo is a place to start, I think...what about all of you.  Maybe some droplets of blood...not a lot, but a few droplets, to show our heart and soul and then the black rose.  Can you tell that I am really stuck on that rose.  I think it is so beautiful.....and maybe some type of sheerness...for the ethereal part.

I like the idea a drop or two of blood...afterall, rose stems do have those pricks.....maybe, mist or fog of some sort would look good.....

Yeah, mist or fog swirling around slowly...if we can get it to move, or if not, just a light veil of it.   Oooooo, this is getting fun...our brains are great!!!!

Hmm, what about a black and red rose with swords in the middle and have some skulls as a background. It doesn't need to be swords but something that is really cool and awesome :D




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