I've been thinking that we need a new look! I love this beautiful look, but let's see what you all think!

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Daggers!!!!  That would look awesome!!!  Or incorporate crosses.  Black and red rose would look look nice with the the droplets of blood and the crosses or daggers.  Here's some crosses I have.  Now the rose I put with the skull on it...we should put that skull on the other rose I 1st put.  I think that rose will look great with anything else we incorporate.  The cross with the star could have a red or black rose in it maybe.....or a skull...


YES!!! That is what I had in my mind!!!! :D

Here are some images of mist, fog and smoke...

Penny, I like the last one of the smoke...looks cool!!!  I can come up with some more images...just tell me what you want and I'll get it from what I have or elsewhere.  I think whatever we come up with will be so diferent and awesome.  Do we still want the dark background or should we lighten it up a bit?




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take a bite out of life ;-)




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