She woke with a start!  Oh!  it was a dream!  A horrible dream!  It had to be! 

 She wiped the sweat from her forehead with her stuffed poodle, Mr. Pickles. 

 She glanced around the room, trying to adjust her eyes to the pitch black.  No moonlight tonight.  The sky was cloudy and black. 

She could hear the wind howling through the branches as they banged up against the window sill.

She gave a yelp in fright!

What was that?!                                                       hk





Who's next?  What happens?

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Her head quickly turned to the window, there was something out there, she could hear it shuffling around. She walked slowly and as quietly as she could toward the sill and slowly looked over.... nothing . But she could still hear something moving about. She walked over to her dresser, opened the drawer and grabbed a

flashlight. Walking back to the window, she looked down at the flashlight and found the switch, turned it on and looked over the edge again. What she saw made her mute, no screaming, no breathing, just pure terror.


Samuel?  How was it possible?  He had been admitted to OakHaven three months ago.  She shuddered and tried to move away from the window quietly, but it was too late.

He already saw the light from the window.  He smiled up at her and continued trying to open the back door with what looked like a crowbar.  His pale face and red gums seemed to glow and contrast sharply with the dark night.

She shook with intense fear as she forced her body to move and reach for the phone.

Dead!  Oh no.  Where was her cell?  It was downstairs in her bag.

Dare she risk a trip down there?

The howling wind and the now fierce rain made it difficult to hear what was happening.

She ventured to look outside again.

He was gone.

Was he inside?

Perhaps it was only her imagination?





Now she was in total survival mode, not aware of anything except the adrenaline pumping through her body like never before. Thinking only second to second, 'stay quiet, get ready to run, stop breathing so loud...'
Samuel was inside alright, she could hear him going through each room downstairs, he was trying to be quiet but she could hear everything, her heart was pounding so hard she hoped he couldn't hear it. She looked at the window again knowing it was her only way out, storm or not. 'Climb out the window, climb out the window and hide on the roof, it's my only hope' she kept repeating it to herself but was terrified to move in case it alerted Samuel of her whereabouts. "He's going to find me it, the window now!'

...Meanwhile Samuel already knew she had only one way out, he had anticipated her every move...he had three months to plan his revenge and it was going to be sweet. He began up the stairs, slowly and making as much noise as he could but not speaking a word, 'no need for shouting, she is feeling the fear already, this is MY night!'

She slowly and silently moved to her door and locked it then slid her chair in front of it.  The lightening flashed and lit up the room, showing her the shadows from the branches on her walls, making her feel as if she were being watched.  She blinked as she tried to focus her eyes. Thunder crashed and she jumped!  What to do?  What to do?

She could hear him coming up the stairs.  He was having fun scaring her.  She knew it!  He was a cruel and deliberate criminal.  He was a dangerous man.

He had so much anger!  That's what landed him in the hospital.  So much anger for what he considered to be her wrong-doing.


They had been engaged for nearly a year and he was still a bit of a mystery to her.  He was gone a lot on business and sometimes became very moody.  As time went on, they talked less and less and rarely made love.  He also became increasingly violent and abusive.  He would slap her around, push her, and force her to have sex anytime and any way he wished.  This went on for months until she decided to tell him it was over.

He did not take that news well.  He tried to choke her and kept trying to break her jaw with his other hand.  She got him off and tried to run away from him.  He grabbed her and pushed her into the wall, causing her to get a gash on her head and a huge lump.  She was dizzy and fell to her knees.  He seemed to get excited when he saw the blood.  She passed out as he was trying to force her to pleaasure him.

When she woke the next morning, he was standing over her crying and begging her forgiveness.

She said all was well, but when he went in the shower, she ran outside and called the police.

When they came and took him away, he swore he would come back to her house and to her.

She had the locks changed and got a restraining order.

He hadn't listened to the order.  He followed her and watched her.  When he saw her with the other man was when he truly snapped.

He began to formulate a plan to get her back and get rid of the new man.


For Samuel, Oakhaven was Hell. He felt he didn't belong in such a place, that he was not what the court appointed Doctors said he was. He was oblivious to any true wrongdoing on his part, he was simply protecting his interests and maintaining a relationship. Perhaps he had gone a little too far, once in a while, but that was a man's right, yes?

Samuel, in actuality, was a monster, a nightmare for almost every relationship he had whether being work related or personal. How he kept his job was anybodies guess, probably because it was such a large company that it couldn't keep track of every single employee, but his fellow workers knew, don't piss off Samuel!

Oakhaven...I'm in an institute for the mad because of her.

If anyone had thought he was obsessed with her before, they hadn't seen anything yet! He was now thinking like a terrorist, it didn't matter if he was caught and punished further, he was now on a mission to destroy her and her new man and nothing was going to stop him. All his days in the institute were consumed with rage, planning, planning, planning, waiting for what ever opportunity that would present itself to carry out what was now his only purpose in life, destroy her and everything she cared for.

what could she do?  Joe would be here soon.  He always came home late after work on Thursdays.  He and his friends went out for a drink. 

 She wanted him to save her as he always did when anything went wrong.  He had almost died the night that Samuel attacked them.  Samuel had snuck in and shot them both in their bed and then set fire to their old house.  He thought they were dead and he left only to be picked up the next morning.

What would happen this time?  She had to warn Joe.  This new house was so far away from any neighbors.  She wished they hadn't decided to live so far into the woods.  They thought it would be safer. 

She listened for the dog, Mooky.  No barking.  She hoped she was ok. 

She couldn't think as the steps got closer and she heard Samuel call her name, softly, slowly, like a ghost.

"Leanorrrrre.  His voice made her cringe and she found it difficult to move as her fear was consuming her.  "Leanore!  I'm here.  Come give your man a kiss".



Reflection from headlights ran across the wall, Joe was pulling into the drive way. Leanorre (? really lol) felt relief and terror at the same time, 'Got to warn Joe' she thought, before it was too late. She got up the courage to move and ran to the window not caring about the noise she was making. She slid open the window and began to scream  Joe's name, but it wasn't Joe's car, she didn't recognize the vehicle. It wasn't Joe at all, she recognized the voice after a few words, he was calling for Samuel...'My God it's Ernie!'. Ernie was  Samuel's only friend, the only guy that seemed to agree with and live the same lifestyle and he was drunk, yelling Samuel's name and laughing while drinking from a bottle. Samuel must have called him as a get away ride, but Samuel hadn't finished carrying out his plan yet. ... Now there were two of them against one defenseless woman out in the woods, too far from help...

She opened her window wide and felt the cold rain hit her body.  The wind was so fierce that it made the curtains fly around her and knocked the items off of the nightstand near her bed.  She started as she heard the doos knob rattle.  She looked around frantically and started to step out of the window onto the slippery tile of the roof. 

Samuel heard the car door close outside.  He hesitated and yelled to his partner.  Ernie was a loyal minion, but not too smart.  He hoped that Ernie brought the right supplies.  He was planning to burn the house again.  This time he would make sure that she died.  He would make sure she burned.

He left the door and headed to the top of the stairs and called Ernie again. 

Ernie entered the foyer  with a bag of supplies.  Samuel motioned for him to come upstairs and headed back to the door with his crowbar.

He struggled to open the door and finally broke the lock and was annoyed to find the chair in the way.  Stupid girl.

He finally got in and saw the open window with a piece of pink fabric stuck on the nail in the windowsill.

Damn!  Where was she?  This was ruining his plan!


Leanorre could see Samuel and another man in her room, looking frantically out the window for her.  She could see through the slats in her closet door.  She prayed she wouldn't give her position away.  She hid in the corner on the floor under some blankets and coats and put a thick scarf over her mouth to keep from breathing too loudly. 

She wasn't sure how to hide the loud pounding in her chest though!

Samuel yelled now, "OK Bitch...I know you ain't got the balls to climb out that're in here somewhere!"

Leanorre's heart stopped. She was living second to second.

"You know what, I ain't even gonna look for you, no no, I got a better idea...I'm gonna light this place up and wait for you outside. You'll come runnin, I know that!"

Samuel yelled to Ernie to bring up the gas can, "...and bring that bottle of  Jack too, I want to celebrate!"

Ernie waddled up the stairs with the gas and the bottle singing a song that was stuck in his head. "Hurry the fuck up would ya!" Ernie quickened his pace.


Ernie had been through things like this with Samuel ever since he'd known him. It was always the same thing, 'Samuel pissed off, Samuel does something stupid and gets caught.' But tonight Samuel was going to do something and nobody was going to be able to stop him, especially when was drinking. Even though Ernie was a little hammered himself he thought, 'he's not gonna do it, he's all talk. He doesn't want to go back to that hospital, he's just trying to scare her.'. ...Ernie would be sadly mistaken about this night.


She could hardly contain her fear.  She held her hands tight over her mouth to keep from making a sound.  Tears escaped her eyes and ran down her face.

While Samuel was waiting for Ernie, he began swinging the crowbar around, smashing her pictures and her beautiful trinkets.  He swung and hit her perfume bottle and it flew across the room, smashing against the closet door.  She started and let out a quick shriek.  Oh no!  She prayed that he hadn't heard.

When Ernie came in the room, talking about going home, Samuel shushed him and she saw Ernie turn as Samuel pointed to the closet.

Trapped!  She was doomed!  Who knew what he would do to her?!

She began to panic and look for anything she could use as a weapon.  She groped frantically and was shocked to find a handle.  There was a rectangular door about half way up the wall that opened horizontally.  She pulled the handle and figured it must be a hidden shute for laundry.  It was a very old house. 

She opened the door, covered it back up with the clothes, and climbed in just as Samuel was opening the closet door. 

He swung the door open and screamed, "Got you, Bitch!"and swung the crowbar hoping to hear her skull crack.  He swore and was sure he must have been hearing things.

She fell down the chute and landed with a thud on a hard, concrete floor. 

She dusted herself off and stood up.  She waited for her eyes to adjust to the dark and knew she must be in the basement.  She looked around to find the steps that led to the metal doors that led to the windy, rainy night.

She moved cautiously across the cold, dark basement and let out a gasp as she fell over something big on the floor.  She sat up, rubbing her elbow, and nervously kicked the lump.

She jumped and held back a scream as the lump let out a low groan.

Shaking and terrified she slowly backed away from what ever this thing was, her arms spread out behind her in case she tripped. The groan slowly became a growl, a deep rumbling growl. Leanorre was in shock, her eyes fixed on where the growling was coming from. Total darkness, she couldn't see a thing, but now what ever was making that hideous noise was rustling about, it was getting up and it was big. Leanorre just stood still hoping her eyes would adjust, hoping, hoping, wait! She could make out an outline now, it had pointed ears on top of it's head, and then it opened it's eyes. Big red glowing eyes and they were staring deeply into Leanorres eyes, so intense. Leanorre let out a shriek and tried to run but tripped and hit her head on the floor, she was out cold.

...Finally peace and quiet, no pain, no fear. "Am I dead?" she wondered. In her unconsciousness she could see things clearly, like she was viewing her life in bits and pieces. Her dear Mother when she was a child, then in her casket, and the same for her father, the joy of playing hide and seek then the sadness of his death. Extreme emotions and she was emotionless while watching these moments relive themselves in front of her eyes. Then the old lady from down the street when she was a child, not related in any way but more of a friend, she used to visit her as a little girl and listen to the old lady's stories. Leanorre was now starting to remember things about her, she was different, almost scary. Then like a blast from a camera flash she was sitting in the old lady's kitchen with her and the old lady was chanting something and there were many candles lit. She opened her eyes and looked into Leanorres eyes and said these words,"You will forever be protected my dear, I've made sure of that. You will remember this only in the time of need."
"Now, how about another cookie dear?"

Leanorre slowly woke up and sat up from the floor, the red eyes still staring into hers but she felt no fear anymore. She could see, her eyes had adjusted. She could feel a warm panting breath against her and a warmth running down the length of one side of her body. Beside her, almost snuggled up to her was an enormous wolf. She looked at it and ran her fingers through it's fur, it was beautiful. The wolf paid no attention to her, just lying there contented. Suddenly she could hear Samuel yelling and screaming and smashing things in the kitchen above the basement. She got to her feet and the wolf got up and stood beside her, it was so massive she thought. The doorknob started to rattle, her fear was returning, the panic...the wolf's eyes started to glow, fiercely now. The hair on it's back was standing up and she could see every muscle on the beasts body. It was ready to attack.

..."protected forever my dear"

Samuel didn't stand a chance. His death was swift and painful, his remains were spread over the entire back yard like a human anatomy display. The puddles from the rain were turning red from the blood. Leanorre couldn't bare to watch the carnage but could hear every rip and tear of  Samuel's flesh. The wolf had destroyed him with no mercy and Leanorre could sense every bite and slash as if she was one with the beast.

After making quick work of  Samuel the wolf turned to Ernie. "No, stop!", the wolf complied, and Ernie was spared, someone has to explain this to the police she thought. Let's leave him to do so. The wolf came and sat beside her without making eye contact, his ears perked up and he began to walk into the forest behind the house, Leanorre followed only stopping for a few seconds to look into Ernie's eyes. Never had she seen such terror and fear in someone..."Fuck You, fuck you to Hell!"...and she was off between the trees with the wolf.




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