The Light Which Softens & Opens By Ailia Mira ... And ... Love Feels Better By Ann Albers ... A New Age Creed Gift From AA Michael Via Ronna Herman

The Light Which Softens & Opens By Ashira Via Ailia Mira

Message From Arcturian Ascended Master Ashira .....

Hello, Beautiful Ones, It is good to be with you today.

We begin this communication by offering a soft and gentle attunement to our energies, meeting some of you for the first time in a conscious way. So if you are open to allowing us to attune your field to us in an arrangement that is beneficial to our shared focus and connection - you will get the greatest benefit of the energy present and feel nourished and supported. If this is a “Yes,” for you, confirm we may offer this and allow a brief pause as we do so.


We appreciate your openness. Thank you.

We love you and we love being with you. We love this opportunity to share and co-create with you. We are the Arcturians, and I am Ashira.

We know that you are ready for the content, the energy, the structure and the invitations of this transmission for in your own vastness we know you, and, like many we are aware of life on earth and your ascending frequencies.

Presently, we are orchestrating the arrangement for this transmission. What you might think of as us complementing, balancing, harmonizing, and composing our shared field of light for this experience of softening and expansion. We do this with an intention of creating space through expansion and thereby, empowering more light to flow.

When you are focused and open to experience this transmission with us, together we create an energy field. You experience this transmission as a series of words, unfolding but in truth, it is a singular field of light which is continually, dynamically, informed by all present here, and emanating energies based on our intention to support your expansion. All of which happens instantly, yet because of where and how you are focused, seems to flow sequentially, in time-space.

Each time you join this shared field we attend to the communication with great joy. For that is our role in this connection and to offer a continual refinement of this field is how we interact with you.

We see you and perpetually offer supportive frequencies. Whenever you allow us to connect with you via your attention, and thus permission, we do all we can to make your experience easier and more fun. We are doing that now.

We want you to realize that light is within you in quantities and frequencies that far exceed your current expression and conscious experience.

You, within you, have access to all that is: infinite light!

Light beyond the light you know now. Luminous being, within you is a doorway into some of those new frequencies and forms of light. The ones you are ready for, the ones you are resonant with. Simply intending to open and receive this empowers it to be so.

You are powerful and creative. Use this for your joy.

We want to tell you straight away you are in a window in this unfoldment of the time experience you're having, each of you, because of your conscious awakening and energetic refinement where you can now amplify your presence in substantial and exponentially different ways.

We know you are going to read this. We know who is going to read this. And we are empowered by the principles of the realm (so to speak) in which we are focused, so that we can transmit specifically and uniquely to each of you.

The nature, frequently, of our collaboration with earth-based consciousness is focused upon reminding you of how to access your power, and to support you as you allow expansion and amplification of all you are, here.

We work from within and with your own wholeness while you are embodied on earth, and inspire, attune and remind you of the ways for the expansiveness you are and all that you have access to, to be present through your human embodiment more and more fully.

You might think of it as a covert type of operation in a way. (Smile) If that is fun for you - for this can be and we hope it is, very very fun. Working within yourself with the great power that is yours, can be tremendously joyful and fun! Amusement and joy, humor and laughter, are beneficial to you. When you feel these emotions you soften up and you open more. That is beneficial for our connection today and your connection always.

Softening and opening. Allowing. Easing up. See how that feels to you now. How might you shift yourself in subtle ways that to you allow you to do that - soften, open, ease up. Relax.


Let us tell you a bit about us and our way of being relative to your experience. Although we have what you would think of as a star as a home, we are often traveling within the universe so that we might co-create. We enjoy assisting other forms of life as they refine their experience.

This collaboration across bandwidths of energy and dimensions gives us great joy. We're like the angelic beings you know and love so much. We enjoy this galactic play and we value the opportunities we have to join you in your amazing experience of creating on earth in very new and wonderfully unique ways.

As you let yourself take in these words, as translated by Ailia, you will become more attuned to us, and to our ways of connecting. Through this, your capacity to receive transmissions from us, who we hope you will view as your Arcturian friends, will grow. The increased capacity to receive truly happens naturally.

We do wish to encourage you to pay attention to how you feel and receive and experience our connections with you, and especially, to your experience of your own inner connections.

Your capacity to receive can continually expand. You are an infinite being focused here and you have vast capacities for light.

Connecting with your vaster self, with the non-physical wholeness of Life, with us, with other non-physical beings or fields of focus can assist you in receiving more, and with more ease. Be aware of this and notice and make connections as you engage multidimensionally. Be aware of new feelings of flow, new experiences unfolding in your life, as you focus and connect in these way.

By noticing how you are changing, several things will occur.

By noticing how multidimensional connections affect you and by how you are changing, you will feel encouraged. You will feel supported. You will realize how connected you truly are. How deeply and completely you belong. You will find you may feel more empowered. Many humans find that they feel expanded and uplifted.

Most wonderfully, by allowing a focus, by placing attention on your own non-physical wholeness, you can and often will, feel an increased concentration of your own energy, which will feel quite nice to you.

In paying attention to all of this, you will amplify and thus create an exponential experience of what is taking place. When you pay attention to something with love and interest, you allow it to amplify and to open up more fully within you.

Energy can be unfolded within you. This might seem an odd thing to say, but the vaster non-physical energy of your own wholeness, for example, as you focus within and upon that, arises in your presence.

This energy is intelligent and capable, as all Life is. This energy can open within you and coherently compliment and nourish your energy presence, operating from a wisdom and knowing that is All! This is magical and entirely natural.

You can experiment with deliberate allowing of your own wholeness, by softening and opening, and see what happens. We suggest to you that you can use this to infuse your presence, more fully, with all that you are.

Doing this you also generate more luminous ways of being. Your own vastness can flow forth and influence you. These luminous ways of being will generate more luminosity in your energy system, and emanate from you.

Your peace and satisfaction emanates from your conscious presence. People around you feel this. It’s very beautiful to be around someone who is happy, peaceful, satisfied and radiant. Isn’t it? And being that way feels good.

As we conclude this attunement and connection with you, we invite you to embrace a specific focus today, one that will serve you well.

Today we want to encourage you to pay attention to yourself when it occurs to you, with love and interest. If there were any place to begin, right now, at any time really (smile) it is most definitely with you.

Today, pay more attention to yourself with love and interest. In doing so you amplify and open up yourself so that the expansive energies that you already innately have access to, are given liberty to rise up and flow into your life more right now.

You have access to energies that you are not yet experiencing in your life. It is simply a matter of imagining and cultivating an openness to receive. Tuning to yourself, creating unity within you, inner harmony is another word for alignment.

Try it. In a moment after reading this turn your attention inward and close your eyes, and have a sense of your gaze even with your eyes being closed. Have a sense of the focus of your attention being on your human expression. Feel this with a soft, loving, welcoming, interesting focus, and hold it.

Choose to hold this attention, this soft, loving, welcoming, interesting gaze upon yourself. As you hold this choice of focus, feel how your energy field moves.

Notice what happens.


We suspect you will notice you feel more relaxed.

Now drop the specificity of this focus - meaning no need to feel curious of bring any particular mood to this focus. Simply let yourself just focus on you with awareness, no intention, no particular quality, just awareness.

Choose to place all your awareness on you. Softly, gently. It feels good, doesn’t it? Some of you may feel warmth when you do this. This is pure presence, friends. This, is love.

Pure attention, is love. Attention says: this is significant, I choose to focus upon it. Love, self-love, is knowing your significance. Knowing you are One with All. You dear friend have infinite value in Life.

Love, and loving - these are truly a quality of pure awareness that is simply attention, although in a realm with emotions, it may feel more like appreciation. It’s gentle and soft and present and amplifying.

As you offer this to yourself, you do what all life does under such a soft and loving gaze; you open.

And in this openness, everything can come to you and anything is possible, and you will notice, you feel wonderful.

I am Ashira and we are the Arcturians

Video - "Pleiadian Broadcast For March 2019 Via Christine Day"

Pleiadian Broadcast For March 2019 Via Christine Day

Join Christine Day for the latest channeling and teachings from the Pleiadians. This is another powerfully uplifting transmission.

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to All of You,


Love Feels Better By Ann Albers

Ann Albers .....

Hi Dear Friends! 

We all want to be loving, but sometimes life or people's behaviors make it pretty tough. Enjoy this week's discussion on how to love... even when you don't "like."

Love you all!
♥ Ann

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

It is time upon your earth to resolve your love/hate relationships. You really love everyone! You really love everything. When we say "you" in this context, we mean your soul. You are nothing less than love. 

Herein lies a confusing point for most of the human race. Your soul loves it all because your soul knows that everything and everyone is the Divine in disguise. However, you came to earth with very distinct personalities, distinct preferences, and distinct likes or dislikes.

So while your soul loves everyone and everything, it is absolutely OK for you not to like everyone and everything.

This is a tough concept for most. You have been conditioned to think of love as a warm, fuzzy, "good" feeling. 

What most call love however, is simply feeling good about something or someone 
that made you, or still makes you, feel good.

This is why you can fall in love with a job –  or a person – and later fall out of love with it/him/her just as easily. You love the job/person while it/he/she makes you feel good, and when they don't – when they trigger feelings of your own internal pain or unworthiness – you don't love it/him/her. This can happen quickly, or in many cases, over the course of years, only after you've tried everything in your power to get back to the original "good feelings."

We reassure you, however, that ultimately your right to feel good exists within you and only within you. No one else has the authority to "make you" feel good or bad. They can make it easy or difficult for you to feel good or bad, of course, but ultimately you are in charge of your thoughts, and your thoughts give you feelings. 

It is a kindness to yourself to practice choosing thoughts that feel more like love.

If someone steps on your toe, you can say, "Ow! You clumsy oaf! Weren't you looking? You hurt me!" or you can say, "Ow! I love you, but oh my goodness, please be more careful next time." One thought feels bad. One feels good. Your toe already stings... you may as well choose a loving thought that allows it to heal more quickly.

If a person you love betrays you, you can say, "Ow! You liar! You cheat! You hypocrite! I hate you! How could you! You hurt me!" or you can say, "I truly love your soul and I know you must be terribly hurt and insecure to betray me. I wish you would have felt comfortable having a deep conversation with me, and owning your choices before you resorted to this. It must be awful to be so terrified of conflict that you had to go behind my back and undermine your own integrity. I wish you had had more courage, but I know you were doing your best. However, I love and respect myself, and this isn't behavior I want in my life. Either resolve this with me, or go your way in peace." One train of thoughts feels horrible. One feels loving and peaceful, albeit sad.

The way to love even when you don't "like" is to realize that each soul is on a journey of discovering their light and truth, just as you are. Each soul has their own wounds, their own challenges, and their own blind spots. Each soul is doing the best they can in any given moment.

  • Acknowledge the love and light trying to emerge within all souls, but be honest with yourself about whether or not you like them. 
  • Respect everyone's journey and their right to grow as they please. As well respect your own journey and right to grow as you please.
  • Allow others to live as they choose. Grant yourself the right to live as you choose. 

If each of you were to remain lovingly in integrity with your own spirit, you would all sort yourself out into communities of like mind!

Making a choice to love involves spiritual maturity. You have to give up wishing that people would be who you want them to be. You have to give up being angry with others for not being whom you want. You must choose to honor the light within yourself... even when you are not being who you wish you could be.

As you go through life, say to yourself "Others are who they are. Life is as it is. I am who I am. What next? What is the most self-loving thing I can do, given the circumstances right now? Can I focus on the light within another and dialogue kindly or walk away if the interaction doesn't resonate?" 

It is far easier to love when life makes it easy. Nonetheless, if you can love the light within another, even when you don't like their personality or behavior, you will set yourself free.

You already do this in many ways. You can love a child who is misbehaving, even when you don't like their behavior, because you see who they really are. You can love your dog or cat, even when they make a mess, because you know the purity of love that lives within them. You can love a "fixer upper" house because you see the light and beauty within waiting to emerge.

What if... What if all those human beings you don't feel terribly loving about are simply ones you love who are misbehaving, making messes, and "fixer uppers" that you just don't feel like tackling? Can you focus on the truth within them and love that... even if you don't like, even if you must set a healthy boundary, even if you must "walk away and pray?" 

This takes practice and a willingness to change old habitual patterns of thought, but if you are willing, you will unburden your soul, set yourself free, and allow yourself to have a blissful, loving experience of life... no matter what the rest of the world is doing!

God Bless You! We love you so very much. 
-- The Angels

I wouldn't sit on this Agave, But I can love the Light within it !

Message From Ann .....

Hi Everyone,

My journey into self-love has been a long one. I thought I loved myself when I had a husband, a nice home, and a great job in my twenties. When I realized who I truly was and what I was called to do, my life fell apart and I found out how desperately I had needed the external validation. 

I spent my thirties learning to truly love myself by getting in relationships that reflected all the areas where I did not! I spent my forties learning to love a different aspect of "Self" – the Divine within. I am now in my fifties learning to love "Self" as all – the Divine within everyone and everything. It has been quite a journey!

Last year I went for my annual blessing from Amma Karunamayi. She is known in India as an incarnation of the Divine Mother and a living saint. Her blessings are extremely powerful. At the time, there was a person in my life I loved very much. Instead of asking for a blessing for his soul to "be the one," I simply asked Amma for a blessing to help me have the most loving relationship possible. I already knew he didn't feel the same about me, so I was hoping our friendship would deepen into one as beautiful as many of the other friendships in my life. I was using him as a template for manifesting love at the time, knowing full well the universe delivers the essence of what we wish for, if not the form.

Instead, within months, I found out that he had judged, ridiculed, and said unkind things about me behind my back. My reaction was an overwhelming sense of compassion. I saw how he was simply trying to be loved in his life in a different way – by making me wrong and using that to look better in the eyes of another. I saw how others involved had gossiped and told him incomplete versions of conversations to make themselves look better. I knew they too just wanted to feel special and loved. The angels showed me how all of us, me included, had ended up at this moment in time. 

I uttered a prayer for all involved. 

Suddenly I felt a surge of freedom unlike anything I've ever known.
 I was finally free from old habitual reactions of anger. I was free to be me, free to choose love! I was free to feel good about myself inside no matter what those external to me were doing or saying. Talk about bliss!

I didn't even feel a need for forgiveness. 
Everyone involved was simply doing the best they could. 

The light in that blessing was showing me 
that walking away with love and compassion was "the most loving relationship possible" at the time. The wishful thinking and the facades were ripped away, and I had to deal with reality. I had to look at areas where I had compromised on my own self-respect. I had to look at where I had ignored warning signs. I accepted my growth and found I could truly love the light within this soul and others involved, even when the behaviors were totally unacceptable. I let go, went back to my bliss, and had one of the most amazingly joyful years ever. It continues... 

Furthermore I got my manifestation. I found the "one" again! The love of my life is the Presence within my own beating heart. I've known that before. I've felt it for periods of time, but not like this deliciousness. I am luxuriating in the expanded feelings of oneness in silent communion and time in nature, and in this space, I cannot do anything but love the light within all.

It is not easy to love when you don't like someone's views, personality, or behaviors. It is even harder when a soul you've loved becomes hurtful or unkind. However, the angels are right. We're all doing our best no matter how wonderful or feeble it is at the time... and loving/acknowledging the light within (even if not the warm, fuzzy feeling of "like") always feels amazing.

Here are some pointers to love even when you don't like...

1. Be honest about your feelings

Take a breath. Ask yourself, "Is there anyone in my life with whom I do not feel resolved inside of myself?" Trust the first answer. If no one comes to mind, celebrate. Perhaps right now you really are complete with everyone in your life and your past.

If you do find someone, ask yourself, "How do I feel about this individual?" Hurt? Angry? Disgusted? 

Be honest. 

We can't deal if we don't feel. 
We can't be free if we're unwilling to see.

2. Examine the Mirror...

This step takes courage. It takes admitting that everyone we love is a soul involved in a dance of growth with us. It takes a soulful perspective to say whatever upset us in someone else is pointing to an area where we are upset within ourselves...

If someone betrayed you, first say, "I'm upset / sad because so-and-so betrayed me." Then say, "I'm upset because I betrayed myself. I want to be impeccably honest with myself. I want to honor my intuition." Perhaps you ignored subtle feelings, red flags, and small discontents. We often know, see, or feel more than we are willing to admit. Perhaps you put up with bad behavior far longer than you wish you had. It is OK. You did your best at the time. Now you know better.

If someone was/is unkind or abusive, first say "I'm upset/sad because this person was/is abusive!" Then say, "I'm upset because I'm allowing their abusive behavior now or in the past to control me. I want my power back! I want my joy back." Sometimes it requires help, therapy, or reprogramming technologies to release upsetting thoughts we've had for a long time. Do what it takes. Get help. Honor the fact that your soul wants you to be the only one in charge of your own mind.

If someone is intolerable for any of a variety of reasons, first say, "I'm upset/sad because so-and-so is intolerable to me!" Then say, "I'm upset because I want to practice compassion, tolerance, and kindness, but they are making it REALLY hard for me to feel that way! I know it is easier when people are nice, but I want to take back my power and stand strong in my light!" Keep at it. Take care of your own well-being. Ultimately you will prove to yourself you can have compassion while also take care of yourself.

We really want to love. We really want to be in charge of our own minds. Sometimes people make that difficult, but we get to choose if we embrace the growth or not. 

By owning our upset, realizing it is, at the deepest levels, an upset with ourselves, we reclaim our power. 

3. Take Loving Action... for yourself

At some point you have to deal with reality. Given the fact that another is acting a way you don't like, what are you going to do about it to honor your own spirit? 

Sometimes you can walk away from bad behavior. Sometimes you can lovingly speak up. Sometimes you set a firm boundary. Sometimes you need assistance in finding a path that honors both souls involved. Sometimes you can remain silent and refuse to dignify any energies that don't resonate. Sometimes you can turn off the TV. Sometimes you just have to pray for ideas! 

There is always, "the next loving step" to honor your own bright spirit while being respectful of another's life and choices. Your angels will help you find it if you ask and pray.

This journey into deeper love has not been easy at times. As an arise/pieces, I feel everything deeply and tend to react strongly. I still won't claim I'm perfect at it. However, the more I practice loving the light within me and others – no matter what – the more free, blissful, and flowing life becomes!

I hope this helps you do the same! 

Love you all! 

PS - If you need to feel a little extra love, I'm doing free livestream gazes.  Free • Live on
Simply join us here a few minutes prior to scheduled times.

PSS - If you are interested in getting a blessing from Amma Karunamayi her website is here. You can click on the World Tour tab at the top to see when she visits your city and get free tickets.

To visit Ann's message archives -

Video - "The Greatest Need For The Hour For 2019" By Patricia Cota-Robles


A New Age Creed Gift From AA Michael Via Ronna Herman

Archangel Michael:

My beloved bearers of Light, we ask you to view each test and challenge as an opportunity to release outmoded thoughts and vibrational patterns which no longer serve your greater good. We implore you to view your life experiences through the filters of your Sacred Heart and Mind as you draw forth the White Fire Seed Atoms of Life/Light, and infuse them with your love before radiating them out into the world and to humanity. We are all in this cosmic dance of evolution, and together, we shall prevail.  I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna Vezane * *STAR*QUEST* *** Email:






1.         Love your Father/Mother God with all your Beingness. Love yourself unconditionally as a Divine Spark of the Creator. Love everyone else as you love yourself.


2.         Know that you are a caretaker of the Earth and all life forms that reside upon her — the nature, animal, elemental and human kingdoms. Protect, preserve and honor all expressions of life.


3.         Live your life with joy, and with the spontaneity and delight of a child.  Endeavor to leave a legacy of love and hope. Enjoy the journey of life, and strive to fulfill your earthly mission to the best of your ability.


4.         Maintain a constant attitude of gratitude, and live each day as though Spirit were perched on your shoulder as an observer. Practice non-judgment, and look for the good in everyone.


5.         Your goal is to return to balance in body, mind, and Spirit.  Polarity and duality will no longer affect you when you walk the middle path.


6.         Seek and claim your highest truth, and then live your truth with integrity.  Allow others the same right.


7.         Learn and use the Universal Laws of Manifestation — the God-given tools that will assist you to create your version of paradise on Earth.


8.         Share the wisdom you have integrated with others — first by example, then through your actions, and finally through words.


9.         Claim your Divine Birthright: the love, joy, peace, health and abundance that are yours as a gift from our Father/Mother God.


10.       Each day, call on your Mighty I AM Presence to OverLight, guide and direct you, then listen to ITS inner nudgings. Call upon the Mighty Angel of Forgiveness, and the Violet Flame at the end of each day to balance, harmonize and transmute any discordant energy you have projected that day, thereby rendering it harmless, which moves you beyond the laws of cause and effect and into a state of grace.

(This message was the last part of Ronna Herman's post called "The Path Of Ascension By AA Michael Via Ronna Herman" that you can enjoy reading at:


​​​Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman Vezane, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from:
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