How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? 

Along with the blueberry and Concord grape, the cranberry is one of only three fruits native to America. "And to several native American cultures, the cranberry is a symbol of peace," notes Poinsett.  "Consider having a toast that includes kids, too, by pouring cranberry juice into fancy glasses and toasting to peace at the start of your meal."

Tie a ribbon around a prayer!  "I like to print out a Thanksgiving prayer or poem on small pieces of paper and place them at each guest's plate," Poinsett says.  "Wrap a ribbon around each paper as a nice little surprise they can open before they sit down."

Make your dinner glow!  Our blessings light the way for us, so why not let them literally light up your Thanksgiving table?  "Give each guest a votive cande and ask them to light it as they share what they're most grateful for, " Poinsett says.  "Place all the votives in the middle of your table on top of a shiny mirror to make your Thanksgiving dinner glow."

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