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There are many mentions in historical texts of what might sound like insane behavior – drinking blood. You may think that stuff like this only happens in Bram Stoker’s famous novel about Count Dracula who had to drink blood to stay alive. And strong. While Stoker’s novel is the most famous, mentions of such behavior appear in the literature of various countries mixing myth with fact.

A few scientists dared to wonder if there might be more to these legends than myth. Paul Bert, a controversial Frenchman, was the first to demonstrate that the circulatory systems of two different animals could be linked together surgically. This guaranteed the exchange of blood from one animal to the other. A way of transferring blood without the need for vampiric behaviour. Many researchers followed suit and developed numerous experimental protocols. One of these was to join the circulatory systems of two mice: one old and the other young. To their surprise the researchers noted a great leap in the ability of the old animals to repair and replace their aging tissues. The effect was strong enough that even broken bones would heal and heal fast. The muscular system, something that deteriorates with age along with the bones, got revitalized. Injured muscles, like the injured bones, healed faster too.

Other scientists joined the fray and replicated the difficult experiments. The finding was real and not just a onetime fluke. In fact young blood was then shown to be good not just for the body but also the brain. Old mice infused with young blood learned better and remembered better on standard tests designed to test cognitive function in animals. These experiments, while extremely controversial, have now been replicated so many times that the results are no longer in doubt. The fact that young blood could rejuvenate old brains suggests that there are physical ways to arrest the decline of brain function in animals. In fact, the reverse is also important to notice. Old blood affects the brains of young mice negatively.

So the question is – what exactly in young blood is leading to the rejuvenation? And is there something particularly harmful in old blood?

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Wut is it? It's a young person's energy.....sometimes I meet youngins that I love being around....others stress me out too much & I wouldn't care wut they said & did...some young toughs turn out to be good friends...so itz hard to judge a book by itz cover....or young nerds are usually interesting to be around...young thought is also a factor...I can truly say that I never met anyone in person who professed to be a vampire...Goths, but they didn't elaborate!

So they are not vampires but act like them? People drinking blood is often for there benefit because they are human Living vampires but wanting to feel like a vampire is not something I would wish on anyone...

A lot are Energy Witches they call them...that they sap yer energy with questions...etc....they give nothing back...very common online...similar to the idea of vampirism....I think itz something that can affect you in many diff ways...something to be wary of...

We relieve their anxiety that is why we have willing donors 

Yes, that is a very good conclusion; while I am reincarnating & morphing into wutever....vampirism is very old from the ancestors from wut I know but you see more of it than I do...having done a college paper on it musta been trippy! I was a Healer when I was younger...now I do it through Reiki Prayer...I learned that one must be good to be alive on earth so I still follow the old ways but like to hear from youngers...that youth must get away from total destruction & annihilation to find their true calling...that is to be of useful service in this world...somehow, you'll only get tossed out at the end but then retirement can become positive when you find other things to do...

Enter the present day world with the ancients in mind...

So, as you can see..this makes Count Dragool obsolete to a certain extent!

Not to fret about obselecents! How to be a a Neovampire is as easy as meditating...concentrate on visualizing a figure much like this sitting in a lotus position across from you...

Then imagine the waves of the ocean rising within the figure until it consumes the entire inside...gently growing higher & washing it clean....then watch it ebb in your minds eye.....then begin to flow again, this time turning to red blood that is draining from the body in torrents...watch it splash from the neck as you sit idly by...yay or nay? You decide...

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Vincent Price Laugh. ... Why is this laugh not in every Haunted House? 




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