Find a Vampire donor

What is a vampire donor

Simply a person who donates blood or psy energy to a Vampyre

Where to find a donor:

Vampire Donor Handbook

FaceBook Donor Groups (click on here) 

Vampire & Donor Hub: Donor Network

Vampire & Donor Hub - Universal Discussions

Vampire & Donor Hub : Sanguinarian Discussions

Vampire Donor Mutualism Network

The Official Donor Network


Before you meet:


1. Always play it safe and never meet in private but always meet in a public place... 

2. Never give out personal information online like where you live nor your phone number... 

3. Always have there blood tested by a doctor for blood born pathogens if you drink blood and never take from a person who is not emotionally or mentally stable...

4. Ask them questions before you meet anyone in public to make sure there not dangerous...

5. Plan your encounter and don't just meet out of the blue at your house...

6. Pick a public place such as a resteraunt, a bus station, the public pool, a mall, a public park during the day, ect...

7. Always have an exit strategy in case anything goes wrong...


Tips to Keep Donors Healthy:


Donor Contracts:






Vampyr – Life Giver (Donor) Contract:



*A. First and foremost the Life giver should be blood tested as well as STD tested, make there Vampyr aware of the results, and any changes in the results. They also need to let there Vampyr know of any medications/drugs they are taking. *


B. This contract is to promote the continued safety of our most precious gift, the Life giver, and what the Life giver freely gives to us, their life’s energy and there essence.


C. The Life Giver as well as the Vampyr must also take into regard the Blood or Life Bond and make sure to screen there potential Vampyr – Life giver.



Life Giver Rights:


The Life giver has can freely refuse to give of them self at ANY point in time for ANY reason as well as end the Vampyr – Life giver relationship for ANY reason.


They also must also be given time to regain there energy after being fed from.


It is the Vampyres responsibility to make sure there Life giver is ok after being fed from as it can be a relaxing experience (that they don’t pass out) and treated with the utmost respect for what they freely give of them selves.

It is also the Vampyres responsibility to pay for testing if the Life giver does not have the means to pay for it.


It is the Vampyres responsibility to provide the safety of there Life giver and also to educate them on the proper ways to give/donate as well as the Habits of Vampyres.


It is the Vampyres responsibility to find a way to provide transportation for the Life giver, provide funds for transportation, or walk them to a safe location if it is near by.


(c) Founding Father J P Vanir and Lady Aromaura




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