Let me start off with a (WARNING) this may be a bit controversial for many people with some of the ideas and philosophies I will be using and from my own personal experiences when working with Angel's and Demon's, so I ask that everyone just keep an open mind.


As we are taught we are taught to have a good relationship with both angel's and demon's, but we are also taught to be more commanding and authoritive when dealing with demons, and to be more humble and respectful with the angel's. I find this practice to be one that is questionable and more of a thin line when dealing with both, because in truth we are dealing with angels, for the demons we work with are nothing but Fallen angel's. My personal opion is for a beginner the way we are taught is the safest but not right either.


This month I would like to cover just some of the examples of similarities and difference between the two and in the months to follow delve deeper into each and what mysteries we can unlock when using them.


Lets us start with the angel's which are presevied to the force of good and should always be trusted , and never questioned. One should not command them but show respect to them always. Let us first remember that we have dominion over everything on earth and in heaven and that they are subject to our will's not the other way around!


When dealing with angel's one needs to know there station's which generally is what makes up there qualities and attitudes, and one should do well to remember that Angel's see us as lesser beings and are very quick to point out our flaws and short comings in life, which when first working with them is going to happen regualary and they will test these limits fully and try to come off as supieror and dominating, there are a few that don't and it also depends on the relationship you have with them and how much you have worked with them.


Do Angels Lie and deceive?

This is an on going debate and much can be said and shown to prove the case either way. The best lesson and argument to this is the Case ofr Dee & Kelly and thier working with the angels and working with enochian magick were we do see a duality of them, and also the realization that within the enochian system there is an opposite to every angel and they are not classed as fallen Angels. Through the documentation that is avalble we can see how the Angel's used them and in many cases mislead them and that the Angel's were trying to bring about something entirely diffrent from what Kelly & Dee thought, even Kelly question some of there motives. In my own personal expiernces I have had a few try to miss lead and deceive for there own agendas which depending on the Angel, might not be anyone's best intrest, if you know what I mean. That is why one should always question what it is being taught and said, if it goes against what you feel is right, for they do have their own motives.


In conclusion Angels can be very helpful and beneficial to our magical workings, they are a powerful force, but in many ways they are not much diffrent from the demon's just more colorful and crafty at how they do things, treat them with respect but never forget that you are in control and they are subject to you and have to obey.




Now a bit about Demon's or better put Fallen Angel's the so called force's of evil. Here one will ask why should I have a good relationship with demon's the anwser to that is actually simple, the better the relationship the less agravation you will have and beleive it or not the more helpful they become. For after they are not much diffrent from the angel's, because in the end it is this relationship that reflect the attitude they will have with you and how helpful they will be or how much they will test you in every aspect and push the boundaries that could become life threatening. But this is not what I want to touch upon we all know the bad qualities and the dangers, what I want to touch on is something I have not ever heard anyone question or talk about.


Will the Fallen Angel's one day regain there previous station's in the hierarchy of angel's, for within my working with them I have come across this and it is in writing in many of the older text, and most of them will say and believe that one day they will regain their lost stations amongst the angel's before there fall, if they are right then there is a very big flaw in the christian theory of salvation and eternal damnation, and even the way we have perscieved them ourselves, which brings us back to the duality of things, are we so much dealing with a separate being or are we dealing with let's say Michael and his opposite persona Sameal being one in the same? Let me also state that not all demons believe this nor wish to have their stations back amongst the other Angel's but would rather bring death and destruction but then again don't we have angels who have the same job title?


Another missconscrewed view and belief is that demon's only do evil and bad act's, this is not the case and very untrue, they can much like the angel's in this department and even easier to get them to do so, and as you build the relationship with them you will see this more. Let me state this and be very clear without that relationship they are they are and one better know what they are doing because they will harm you in ways that you don't want to even think about, as with the angels they have there on agenda and will test you in every way and push you to see how far they can get, but don't treat them with disrespect as so many do, but with respect and understanding you will find this to be more rewarding when dealing with both, because in the end of it all it is our intents and will that make them do what we want, and always be specific in your wordings leaving no question for error or dubt and that is were many fall victim to there own demise.


This is why it is so important to know what there stations are and what they do. Another way to look at Angel's and Demon's is to look at it as if you were dealing with an ego, it will help you along the way with seeing past their lies and miss guided truths and help you also see why they feel they are superior to us and that we have no right to order command them. Treat then as you your self would want to be treated but be in control when it is needed!


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