Another painting I did yesterday 10-31-2015! All the colors of my heart!

I messed up by trying to put a heart in the middle.  And had to take the silver paint over it to fix it.  I think I'm going to try to do another today to show you all what it looked like before I messed up. I painted the canvas black.  Then I went over it with dark purple.  After that I went through with a lighter but brighter purple to accent the dark purple and have it stand out more.  Then I went through with bright blue, green, pink, orange then yellow.

Then with the silver I was thinking that I was going to put a heart in the middle.  But that did not look good at all.  So to fix my mistake I had to go through with a bigger brush, and then the silver ended up covering a lot of the colors that were through out the painting.  But hey still turned out ok.  You live and learn right.  So hope you all enjoy.

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Wow, very nice! Very dramatic and full of movement. I like that! Yes, I can see where the heart was and I definitely like it better without the heart or with the suggestion of a heart. Metallics don't come through on the computer, so I bet it is sparkly and beautiful.  I really like how at the top left the brush strokes are more broken and give our eyes something to interrupt the crazy dramatic swirling movement to the  right. It almost seems like too much swirling as my eye keeps moving right and right and right. What could help bring the eye back towards the left? I almost feel if I hung the painting on the wall,the bottom right corner would hang lower than the rest! You have a great sense of color - wish I could see it in all its sparkle!!

In thinking about this, I think If I were going to add heart motifs then I would do very subtle (almost like what you have now, but broken hearts and a 3-5 of them of different sizes. That would give some (broken) curves to bring the eye back into the painting. Repeated motifs often maka work stronger because they bring rhythm to the piece. I really like what you are doing! Can't wait to see where you go with this!




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