When I think about my inner child talking and reflecting on my soul. I see two different beings in me. My outer body and my inner soul . I spend a lot of time listening to my thoughts and praying for absolution . I am happy although in my own little world its not perfect I dream of everything from the past , present and what will become of the future.
For me inner reflection has been going on for three years and I finally got another universal wish and I don't plan to mess my future up. My head is spinning with ideals . Searching for answers to a lucky home .One that is perfect for me to plant my law of attraction seeds . To find my talent . Something that has been missing all my life .I'm going to try and learn many mystical things .Now is time to see my strengths . I'll take my inspiration from the slave woman in life trying to break free. My inner desires will reveal its self in this journey of life . I will stay focus on the goals of the day . And in the end independence will set me emotionally free each night. my biggest testament to my journey awaking inside.

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Wow...this is so powerful...

thank you for your sweet words




There are no birthdays today

take a bite out of life ;-)




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