There are so many ways to meditate...there is the sitting in position, eyes closed and chanting or just being in present moment.  There is the walking meditation, just be careful if you are in a crowded area, streets, traffic, etc., but, in the woods along a path in the park, perfect.

So many people get frustrated because they can't clear their mind...the monkey thoughts enter, well, I've always been told to don't ignore them, just acknowledge and let them pass through and get back to being in stillness.

Sometimes here at work when all is calm and no one is around I will sit at my desk and meditate if only just for a few minutes, or, head to the bathroom, lol...

What ways do you find meditating to be peaceful, do  you chant, have candles, music, etc. around you? 

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In the mornings, I head to the gym and I swim for 30 me, that is my meditation for morning....I no longer can swim on my stomach, so, I swim on my back which is really nice as it allows me to just float and swim at the same time..

Yeah....floating on your back is a transful meditative state on its own:)) I just sit on the trampoline under the sun shine,close my eyes,and breathe in the fresh air:))




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