More people are becoming aware of H.A.A.R.P. Yet most are only aware of its application of weather modification. Many see it as a way of combating "global warming" (which I see as their cover story to justify both it's use and the use of chemtrails). There are much more far reaching (and more sinister) applications though. This is a brief document to become more acquainted with this technology.

HAARP Research & Applications.pdf 

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wow! that is scary stuff! I have heard HAArp created the problems of Fukushima.......I guess it really is possible.....which leads us to population control! 

I believe when one does enough research the pieces start to come together and the BIG picture begins to come into view. All things seem connected and part of a master plan. It all seems to go back to the 1 percent that rule everything. Then there are the "puppets" under them (those who are "just doing their job or following orders". For the main players look at the CFR, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commision.

Chemtrails make HARRP more effective. The stuff in the Chemtrails make us sick. Big Pharm offer a pill, which in turn causes other illness (side effects) Its all about farming the Earth for whatever they can get out of it and we are little more than livestock and guinea pigs to them.




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