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Satanism like so many other religions and traditions gets a bad rap because of Hollywood and other religions like Christianity and Catholicism.  They make Satanic traditions as well as Paganism and Wicca seem like they are a bunch of devil-worshiping, child eating monsters.  Which is not the case.  As in all religions there are good points and bad points.  Good members and bad members. They are traditions which need to be respected.  I am no longer a Methodist after being raised in a Methodist home for most of my life.  I became a Buddhist and a Pagan (Paganism as my religion and Buddhism as my way of life) because they made more sense to me than other Christian-related religions ever did.  Christianity left me with too many unanswered questions and restrictions which Paganism and Buddhism had no problem answering.  I am also a Rosicrucian and follow that path as a Code of Life and to study the Ancient Mysteries which has also answered even more questions.
Brilliant!  Would you possibly consider a discussion on the Rosicrucians in this group?  Pretty please?
Since you said Pretty Please......I will do it for you Hetty!!!!  I think of something to write about but in the mean time if there are any questions, I will be happy to answer them.




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