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So, here is the story surrounding the discovery of the hollow earth as told to me by my spiritual teacher...Admiral Byrd when he climbed to the top of the earth, actually discovered it...and what he found and took pictures of was paradise...another whole civilization.....Of course, the people who lived there were the Essences..the people who had Jesus for most of his childhood...teaching him how to heal using herbs and oils.....So, Admiral Byrd wrote an article about his discovery in a science magazine and before the magazine hit the stands, the trucks, etc. were stopped and all publications including the original stamp used to print the article were destroyed.....but, eventually, this discovery and the other gateways were discovered and mapped out.  It has been reported that in Sedona, at a certain area, people have witnessed Native Americans riding on horseback through this particular archway only to disappear into it.....

They also say that UFOs come from a portal in the Earth........




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