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Is anyone following the Olympics? What are you feelings about the Olympics in general?  Do you think they are a waste of money that could be used for other more important issues?  Do they help the economy of the hosting country?  Does competition in these games really lead to violent ends or do they promote players from other countries connecting and getting to know one another?  Oh, I thought it was a hoot in the opening ceremonies the Queen having a conversation with 007 (Daniel Craig)....the Queen is now a Bond it....

I just thought that was a very clever hoax till I actually saw it.  I'm not a Royalist, but nor do I wish we didn't have a monarchy.  But I thought it was very cool when I saw it - good for her!  And Daniel Craig...never had a crush on him previously, but that could change!  I've never really watched the Olympics but I've taken a bit of interest as I'm British and live in England.  Not sure what I think about the larger, more political issues.  But it was a proud moment when Andy Murray won the gold at tennis.  That was fantastic.  And I admit that I wiped away a tear when Mo Farah won the 10,000 km and his wife and daughter joined him on the track.

I'm not really a sporty kind of gal, but I admit to ogling watching the men's athletics and swimming / diving.  Oh those tight trunks!  Ahem.  But aside from that, it makes you realise that there is truly some fantastic sporting talent out there from the different countries, my own included.  But I will add that it's time our bloody government did something positive to foster the young sporting talent we have; there doesn't seem to be anything out there for them, much less any kind of academies, or financial help to gives these kids the help they need.  Who knows what sporting talent never gets discovered because of this?




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