bar courts and lawmakers from creating a "second-class" religion status for minority religions like Wicca & NeoPaganism

Currently in the Federal Court system of California, inmates who practice Pagan religions like Wicca and Druidry are suing for discrimination because they have been barred from practicing their religion which they had been legally allowed to practice.

The State of California, with help of the Conservative Christian Dominionist group the Wallbuilders, is arguing that religions like Wicca are not worthy of being protected by the First Amendment. If a federal court rules that Wicca and other Pagan religions are not worthy of equal status it means that every Pagan in the US could be fired from their job, lose their churches and covens, and be otherwise discriminated against. Please do not let a federal court take our rights away, this country is for everyone of every religion.

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Sadly this is the case in most states for those who are incarserated and most states only WICCA is alowed any types of rights in the prisons and those being very minimum and all other religions are classed as gang related and in most states Satanism is not recoginsed at all.There comes a time were everyone has to put there ideas of religion aside and what one views as pagan and come togethe as a whole. The Pagan comunity is far to divided because we keep argueing who is right or who is wrong instead of coming together as a whole and accepting that we all can learn from each other and that there is truths in all of our beliefs. This year there was an arirticle that we posted on sevral sites and in our magazine and on face book dealing with how satanist in Texas were being labled as gangs and that they couldn't have a pentagram tattoed on there body and if they did they would suffer fines jail time and be put on a gang watch list and the tattoo porlor that did it would be fined or closed down, on most sites this got no notice at all and what comments it got was that it basicaly doesn't effect us meaning wicca,druidism ect.. but in truth it did. As long as we keep to these views and don't unit and stand together we will never be able to stop these ridicules attackes and ideas against us. The true fact we are not the minority but are truely one of the top religions in the world when looked at as a whole. There comes a time when we have to put our diffrenses aside and unit as a whole on all issues only then can we make change and stop law makers and those that belive us to be a second class religion or citizen. I for one am no second class anything nor is my belief or practice and no court, or religion or dogma can take that away from me or any of you. In truth anyone who does not practice Catholism, Jewdaism, or Islam is consider a pagan, heathen, and heretic, so that includes all other forms of christianity since they are not of those 3 religions, but hey thats just the dictionarys point of view which can be argued in a court of law, but the true meaning to Pagan, Heathen, and Heretic is { country dweller or to choose or make a choice} So in the end the choice is ours, either come together as a whole or stay divided and continue to lose our freedoms and rights. The Choice is yours

You could not of said it any better. I believe we should all cometogether as pagans and stand up against anyone who tries to make us bow down and if enough of us do this they cannot ignore us any longer. I say come out of the shadows the time is ours! I tell eveyone what i believe in if they ask i donot hold it from anyone. What are they afraid of?

Kill the christians. Destroy their temples. Erase their god from history.





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