Some may or may not know of this Celtic deity known as Arianrhod. She's considered to be Welsh Origin and many still follow her to this very day. Though that number many not seem to be as high as some of the other Celtic Goddesses. Arianrhod is a Mother Goddess in Pagan beliefs and although I will have to openly admit that I never really had been all that interested in her I have found myself to be some how really connected with Celtic Paganism lately.

In this hub you will learn some associations of this Goddess, a little story of her, and what areas in your life she may be able to help you with.

Goddess Of What?

Arianrhod is a moon goddess and a star goddess. She's said to be the goddess of reincarnation and karma. Pay attention to what I state here because these are areas that she can help you with in your life. She is said to be of beauty and fertility. She has influence over your memories of your past lives so if you want to be able to remember those and want some help with that area, she just may be able to help. She is also said to have influence over general difficulties that life may throw your way. Any and all of these are areas in your life that this Mother Moon Goddess will be able to aid you with.


This story is called The Story of Math ap Mathonwy. Math ap Mathonwy was a king, a wizard and a brother to Don. He's also the uncle to Arianrhod, Gwydion, Amaethon, and Gofannon.

Now Arianrhod is the daughter of the Welsh Goddess Danu. Her uncle was compelled by a taboo to always keep a virgin whenever he was not in battle. After his first virgin was "deflowered" he asked Arianrhod to take her place. It's said that she had to step across a magic rod of some kind to prove that she was still a virgin and once she did they did their business and it resulted in twin boys.

Her uncle named the first of these boys Dylan.

The other one was taken away by her brother Gwydion to a magic forest to be raised. She placed three curses on the boy called Lleu. That he should not have any name except for the one she gives him. That he will not bear any arms except for ones she gives him and that he will not have any wife of the race that is now on earth. Gwydion tricked her into breaking the first two curses herself. In order to break the third one both Math and Gwydion created Blodeuwedd, a woman that was made out of flowers that would be Lleu's bride.

Arianrhod who was humiliated by all of this, felt forsakened by her brother, thwarted by her son ran away to her castle called Caer Arionrhod. It was there that she later drowned when the sea reclaimed the land.

A few other things you may find interesting is that it's said that the dead were carried on her oar wheel to Emania, which is the moon-land or land of death. She is also said to be able to shapeshift into an owl at times and through the owl's eyes see into the human's soul.


This Goddess, who is said to be the ruler of Caer Sidi, which is a magical realm in the north, has a festival on December 2nd and is also honored on the full moon. She may also be brought up during rituals of Yule, because she is associated with Yule.

With Arianrhod being able to shapeshift into an owl it is only natural that the animal is associated with this Goddess. As far as I know it is the only animal that is. If you do know any more please let me know.

Symbols such as spinning tools, zodiac, silver wheel, nets, wheels, silver, the full moon, and the Corona Borealis are all connected to this Celtic Deity.

Her colors are green and white so when using candles you may choose one or the other. Many choose to use white.

Birch is the herb that is connected with her. Again I don't know of any other if you are aware of any more please let me know for I would love to more.

The following offerings are ones you may have on your alter when working with Arianrhod. Silver coins, wheat and once again green or white candles.

As far as elements go both air and water are said to be associated with her.


I am not sure what has be so intrigued by the Celtic deities right now. I kind of had a personal experience that I will keep to myself unless someone truly wants to know and I feel like I may have had a past life possibly with the Celtic Paganism path. I am unsure. In either case I am very interested in it now and am on a venture to learn more. I hope you found this to interesting because I know I did when I learned about this Goddess.

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