Is this one HISSING or WUT?

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We are growing bones all kinda ways yay!

Hahhahha! This is so cool!

(At your age you still play Halloween again?  I give you one candy!)

HAHAHA! To cute!:) So true though-so many adults out there acting like children-here people were talking on the radio about thnat saying the adults need to start being adults and give Halloween back to the children! LOLOL:) So agrree!

Yes, you know they are not many French which celebrat Halloween. We buy of the pumpkin and produced by season and some decorations, much less than in your countries. (America and Canada)

We celebrat it more in the country side to Brittany, Normandy and Alsace. 

Into Alsace they are the same tradition like you with the pumpkin but it's usualy with the turnip. But i prefer to do that with the pumpkin. But it is more and more popular with pumpkin as you. (More and More, i couldn't say tha in English ??? "It's most popular" i wanted say you. ^^)

With the Turnip it's like that:




There are no birthdays today

take a bite out of life ;-)



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