Wishing everyone who has birthdays in October a Happy and Magickal Birthday

Care to share what you have planned? 

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Love love the birthday pics...perfect for this month.....(Glad my birthday is in October)

Cool! You have to definately post your day under the birthday section-so we know!

It's October 9th....not planning on anything special...may treat myself to a cupcake at our local bakery, lol..

this year, I'll be 64 years young, on October 9th..same day as the late John Lennon...maybe I'll pull out my Beatle cd's and toast John Lennon....

You just may be my mother! LOL:) Same Birthday and age! Hahahaa:)......

..and name..are you my mom?.....LOLOL:)))

Penny is not my real name, lol.....I don't use my real name on ning or spruz...only on facebook do I use my real name....lol....I love how it's your mom's birthday as well....I salute her on her upcoming birthday as well.....small world...

Indeed it is! :)) LOLOL:))))

Now it is easy to remember yours!:)))




There are no birthdays today

take a bite out of life ;-)




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