We, as women, have definitive roles in society, religions, and organizations of every kind.

We are equal to men, but not the same. We have different needs, different gifts, and different roles in society. Sound old-fashioned? Maybe a bit.

Women can be anything professionally that a man can be. We are strong, just, honorable, brilliant, organized, and everything a man is.

But why do we feel the need to be exactly the same as men? Why must we act the same as men?

Why do we feel the need to men exactly the same as we are? Men are not the same. Some men like the same things as women stereotypically do. Some men sew, cook, go shopping, dance, like pink, stay home and take care of the kids, etc. Some men like football, poker games, cigars, Nascar, beer, etc. My point is, not all men fall into stereotypical roles, but some do. That is ok. Why do we feel the need to emasculate them or make them more “manly”? Can’t a man just “be” without constant criticism? Why can’t they be whatever they wish to be?

This goes for women too. Some women like stereotypical “man” things. That is fine. They can be whoever or whatever they wish. They can wear whatever they wish, play football, bring home the bacon, and refuse to have kids. They can do as they wish. But, some of us like to wear nice old-fashioned garters and lingerie, heels, and make up. Some of us like to be barefoot in the kitchen, have babies, serve dinner to our partners when they get home from work. Some of us do both: work and take care of the home like a 50s wife. Why are we criticized as being anti-feminist?

If everyone conformed to all of the modern “rules”, then some of us would be very unhappy. No woman should be forced to fit a role. No woman should be forced to serve her partner, but she shouldn’t be forced to be any other way either. We have fought too long for anyone to tell us who we are. If we were forced to conform either way, we would be oppressed in the manner that many feminists see women as being treated before Woman’s Lib. Woman’s Lib is meant to allow a woman to be whatever she wishes, not be what feminists or chauvinists want her to be. My point? Stop judging! Start living! Take care of yourself!

Certainly if a woman was forced to serve her man and he was abusive and controlling, speak up! Help your friend to find herself and stop being a doormat.

But, if a woman wants to be Mrs. Cleaver in her home, why does she need to apologize? Why does she need to feel like she is against women’s rights? She may work, take care of kids, and help her partner in other ways. Who are we to judge? We don’t live with them. We don’t set the rules in their relationships.

Every person who votes, takes care of his/herself and his/her own family, and hurts no one else (etc) is a productive part of society. They can be gay, straight, bi, black, white, purple, fat, skinny, old, young, whatever, and it makes no difference. We are all allowed to be what we wish, no matter what anyone else has to say about it. Why not just accept people the way they are?

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Ya know...I think maybe sometimes men get confused....as far as their role because of the feminist movement....they don't know if it is still proper to open the door for women or let them open it themselves since they are now 'liberated' and what about paying their own way?  I think a lot of women want it both ways...yeah, I am liberated and can pay my own way, but, still the man pays when we are out..doesn't matter if the women asks him out, he still is supposed to pay...that is messed up.....anyway, I like it when a man opens the door for me....it's not because I am weak. nope, it is because, I am a lady and a woman...plus, I open the door for men as well....
Yes!  I agree!  Some roles are just meant to be as far as I'm concerned.  Of course, a woman could offer to pay once in a while, but the man should say no.  I mean,she can  make him a great meal at home, for example, to even things out.  Just my opinion.  I have some old-fashioned ideas though.  I am liberated, believe me, but I like some of the old-school ways.  I do think a gentleman helps a woman with heavy packages or holds the door, but she can do the same if he needs help.. 
Oh, I was speaking about being two singles out on a date....I am not married, so, I have to go by me being single......
Nono.  I mean that too.  I mean after the first few dates, making him a nice dinner at home can be nice.  I still like the home-cooked meal approach.  See?  I am old-fashioned. 

all I know is when I get all dressed up and go to Home Depot - I have every man in the place running over  and asking me if I need some help - when I go in there with jeans -  I am ignored.....




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