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I like this pull it's fun. The week before Week before Christmas I wear a sweater like thas with a Kilt (Tartan knight Breton, it is red and black) with a  xmas sweater I let you guess.  =) 

It's funny that. In Great Britain there are a day to wear the Ugly sweaters of Christmas. I don't remember why day exactly? 

I wish you a nice Xmas Penny. I will be without Internet soon in December. And after i will be busy. 

I wish you the same...hope you have a happy, peaceful and safe holiday season...

Oh merci beaucoup Penny ça me fait tellement plaisir. 

(Oh thank you very much Penny it's so good.)

Yes i will enjoy the Holiday season.

Merry Christmas. =))




There are no birthdays today

take a bite out of life ;-)




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