A feeling of safety I’ve never known. 

I’m encased, every fiber wrapped in love and acceptance.

I feel loved for me, the real me, inside and out.

No pleasing others, no games.

Exposed.  Fully.  No sense in hiding.  It wouldn’t work.

What has brought me here?  A call from you?

An open window.  A more blue sky I have never seen.

A breeze blows the curtain. 

Beyond the curtain, a darker space.

Candles all around, casting a warm, reddish glow.

The smell dragon’s blood and vanilla fills my nose.

The air is still and warm, but I feel a current touching my skin.

The red, silk sheets are inviting.  The large bed is the center of the room. 

I am not scared. 

26 eyes watching.  The lascivious grins seem not to be menacing, but curious and interested.

28 eyes on me now.  2 are yours.

I am wearing my blue corset and garters, my black stockings.    My blond hair curled and up.

You smile, ravenous and yet kind.

You care, you hold me with your thoughts. 

You kiss my eyes, not touching me except with your lips.

You smell my hair.  Release it from its clip.  You run your fingers through it

I would be nervous, ashamed, even guilty, but I just feel so safe with you, in this place.

You kiss my neck softly. 

You smile as you realize you have me.  I wouldn’t flee.

 I have free will, but I have given it to you for this moment.

I long for that:  someone to take control without harm.  Take care of me for one night.

You know all of this.  You know what I need without a word.

You run your large hands over my body.  You enjoy my ample hips and I am not ashamed.

You kiss my neck again, but harder.  Softly run your teeth across my flesh.

I shiver from the sensation, the anticipation.  I read your thoughts.  I blush.

You kiss my flesh, softly biting your way to my breasts.  You run your hands all over me. 

I start to feel slightly dizzy as I succumb to true passion

Not hiding my body, but giving it to you completely.  Free will.

You hold my hips as you kneel and begin to roam my body with your lips and hot tongue.

Your hands are all over.  They run up and down my hips and thighs until you softly

 Authoritatively, part my legs and slowly slide them up my inner thighs

Then you use your tongue to trace the path.

I try to move back a little as reality sets in, and you hold tighter.

Your eyes tell me to stop and I do.  I gave my body to you this night.

You stand move me slowly to the bed. 

You kiss my lips, insistently, strongly.  Your tongue is deep in my mouth.   

Tasting my inner anguish and sucking it out of me.

You kiss me and rub between my thighs roughly.  I feel myself getting even more wet.

You slide two fingers into me and I gasp at the burning but I get even more excited.

You smile and look into my eyes as you pull them back out and bend me over. 

Hmm, you say as your rub your hand across my smooth backside.

You raise your hand and spank the flesh exposed by my garters over and over.

I try to catch my breath as the pain seers and yet with each blow, I feel more safe and loved.

You know when my eyes start to tear; you turn me over and kiss me on the lips, the eyes, the cheeks.

You don’t apologize.  You know what I need.

You pull my breasts out of my corset and kiss them. 

You lick my nipples and bite them hard as you push two fingers inside me again, roughly.

I cry out but you don’t stop.  I crave this.  You know it.

You push me down onto the bed, my stinging flesh on the silky sheets.

You spread my legs and lick my pink flesh as your fingers move in and out of any area you choose.

The heat begins to spread throughout my body and you feel I am about to release.  You stop and say no. 

I must wait, but this sweet torture is almost too much to bear.  Please?  I ask.

You say no and if I ask again, I will be punished.  I smile to myself.  Please?

You turn me over again and begin a much harder succession of blows to my already stinging bottom.

I beg you to stop, but you want me to learn a lesson, not just have fun. 

I am even wetter as you stop to feel me.  You continue the punishment until I am really teary.

You lift my hips and enter me deeply and roughly.  I gasp again. 

You are so deep and much bigger than I thought my small opening could take.

You give me no reprieve as you enter me and push in and out of me.

I feel the heat and need for release again.  Wait you say and I hesitate this time before I ask.

Please, sir.   I am not surprised by your reaction. 

You pull out and I am met by a swift succession of blows. 

It is almost too much.

You turn me over and I drop to my knees.

You hold my hair while I take you in my mouth and taste the sweet taste of me on you.

 I take you deeply and I love the fact that for a moment, you are vulnerable to me.

You lift my head and hold me as we lay on the bed.  You let me climb on top and slide you into me.

You slap my red bottom as I start to rotate my hips and move up and down on you.

I start to heat up again and you say wait. 

Good girl, you say, and smile at me.  Your eyes are so beautiful and expressive.  Our souls connect.

Your hands hold my ribs and hips and move me in a rhythm. 

I feel your hands almost hurting me in a bad way, holding so tightly.

You roll me onto my belly and enter me roughly as I almost scream.  

This area is new to you and I do cry out in pain. 

True pain, then as you kiss my neck and back, a more enjoyable, intense pleasure.

 Wait, you say, with a reassuring slap on my inflamed rear.

Yes sir.  I almost scream.

Good girl. 

You roll me onto my back and enter me in the pink flesh again. 

I feel you so deep and you fill me up.  You stop the fierce pushing for a moment.

You look in my eyes and softly, tenderly kiss my lips and move my hair from my glistening face.

Now, baby girl.  You begin pushing again and I scream out as the heat rises up and spreads

Throughout me.  My skin is hot and I feel electric shocks travel to the toes and fingertips.

I feel your body shake as you fill me up and I scream more.

 Again and again, as you hold me tightly and I grip your shoulders and pull you in deeper

My legs pull you in as I wrap them more tightly around you.

When you climb off of me, you lay next to me, breathing hard.

You say I wear you out.

You hold my tired, yet energized body in your arms.

My head rests against your strong chest as you hold me, kiss my head and say,

Sleep.  You will sleep. 

I do.









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