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Any fun stories?


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I have controllable fetishes.  I mean, every thought does not revolve around my fetishes, but they do make for some interesting daydreams and play sessions.

I love the feeling of steel on my skin, cold, strong, and comforting actually.  No clue why, but I have actually worn handcuffs under my sleeve before in times of great stress.

I absolutely love gas masks.  I have fear of suffocation, however, so go figure.  i can't help it.  I have a collection even.

I love the feeling of good, controlled pain.  It makes my head clear and helps me some ways.  When I was younger I was a cutter.  Now that I am a mom, I found better ways to handle my desire that no one knows about and will not show scars.  I do things like work out at the gym so hard, I feel pain all day.  I love consensual sexual things too but that is for another discussion.

I love shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Heels, boots, any shoes.

I love lingerie.

I also get very um,  well, you know, when a muscular, straight man wears lingerie and red lipstick.

ok enough!  I'm nutty I know!  Anyone brave enough to share?

Time for me to put myself on the fetishes are very controllable also......I think.......there is nothing that gets hotter than a woman in lingerie.  I love lingerie because it can expose the most intimate of areas but just enough to allow my imagination run wild.  I also like the feel of it against me when I am close to a partner.  Any shoes, heels, boots, etc. are a plus when they come along with the outfit......BDSM, handcuffs, B&D, spanking, on down the line definitely are all fetishes for me.  I love oral sex (giving and receiving), breasts are definitely a fetish for me.....breast play can keep me busy for hours.....I do love ass play on my partner.....incorporate toys, vibrators, and other devices no problems with me......I love to watch a woman masturbate until I can't take it anymore and I have to jump in.....pretty much I am open to just about anything sexually that is mutual and consented to......
We are the same as far as that goes.  I don't have many rules when it comes to consenting adults doing what they wish.  We have so many rules we have to follow.  It seems a shame to limit ourselves sexually ( again, consenting adults).  I think lingerie is amazing.  No matter what size a woman is, lingerie makes her look and feel sexy.  Anton LaVey had it right in The Satanic Witch.  He is also a lingerie and woman lover.  If a woman feels sexy, she is, but lingerie adds to it a lot.  I know I adore my bra, garters and silk stockings, the ones with the seams and also the fishnet ones.  Even when I feel huge or when I am in a bad mood, knowing I have them on under my clothes makes me feel exciting and naughty.  Is that weird?  I hope not too weird anyway.
Not at all.....I often wonder when I look at a woman in public what she is wearing under her clothes.....Is there nothing, something sexy, or is she wearing just the everyday granny panties, a thong, or what.  I think the best fetish of all is your imagination running wild!!!

i so agree!

I love having my back whipped and flogged...the harder the better...hard enough to make me break down and is such a release....another is having my hair pulled....while I am being spanked....

ohhhh, I love the feeling of wax on my body..haven't had that done in quite a long while..I've seen some really awesome designs on people's back using the candle wax...

I do have a couple of whips that I can use on myself....

I have one whip that I ordered from a guy on is made from strips of duct tape in different colors....really awesome feeling....




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