Am I special to you?

She asked, feeling worthless from the day.

He would make it right, she knew.

 Are you special to me?

 His tone said it all, but he continued

Are you special to me?

 Baby, I own you

 I spank you. I beat you when you need it.  I fuck you

 I make you cum

 I make you cry

 I lick your tears

 I choose you

 I give you all I have and all I am

You are always secure with my hand on your cheek

And my cock in your mouth

 I fuck you until you are sore

 So you don’t have to wonder while we are apart

You feel me in you, on you

 You are secure with me

 No one will ever hurt you

I own you

 You never have to think you are not on my mind

 I love you I own you

 His words, true, raw, and he felt, unheard

 Always caressed her,

 Ran across her ample and appreciated curves,

 Wrapped around her heart,

And jumped into the deep pool that those words created

And made love to her

 Or fucked her,

 Depending on the words themselves

 Hard, deep, and slow

 Until she ached for him to touch her

 She would go to him

Not because she was forced but

 Because of the force that

Drew her to him

He tightened the collar around her heart

 And she forgot her question.


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