With a delicious, sensuality-awakening scent that arrives in the warmer months and increases after dark (in India, some call her "Queen of the Night"), jasmine confers the feeling that all is well, within and without.  Magically speaking, she brings peace and happiness to the heart, opens us up to romantic love, and tunes us into prosperity.  Jasmine incense or jasmine absolute can enhance spells, rituals, and intentions related to beauty, attraction, sensuality, sexual healing, love, stress relief, happiness, and prosperity.  Jasmine's soothing and stress-relieving qualities also lend themselves to physical healing.  To lift  your spirits with a potent joy potion, brew a cup of jasmine green tea mixed with dried rose petals.  Add 4 drops of jasmine essence, and slowly drink.  For an alchoholic version, add 4 drops of Jasmine essence to a glass of pink champagne.  For a night of irresistibility, light a pink or white candle and stick of jasmine incense in the bathroom.  Draw a warm bath and add a few drops of jasmine absolute and a cup of sea salt.  Invoke Archangel Jophiel, the angel of beauty, and request that she infuse the water with the energies of beauty and charm.  Soak for at least 30 minutes.

.............. Tess Whitehurst

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