I know there is a movie that was out a while back and one of the characters was referred to as the "Designated Ugly Fat Friend"  I find this so offensive to not only women but men as well....do you know of anyone who has been called a DUFF?  Have you been referred to as a DUFF?  I saw a discussion on another site about this and thought it would be something to get other's opinions about....

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I don't but this sounds like a Hollywood inspired idea.(Since it is in a film that is even more likely)  Hollywood is so preoccupied with appearance and has not real connection with the rest of the "real" world! ;-) Unfortunately a large part of the nation and even the world is influenced by the norms of Hollywood.

Some freak with a spray-on face called me ugly the other day....all I did was laugh! I found out a while ago that as cute or pretty you may "think" you are, somebodyelse may not so I really don't put much stock (and effort) into trying to please anyone with my looks anymore....




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take a bite out of life ;-)




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