What are your feelings about Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn?   He does make a rather beautiful woman......I think he is so brave to finally decide he's had enough living a lie and is going to finally be who she really is....

Do you think he should be stripped of his gold medal?

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beautifully said im glad (S)he  is going thier own way  (s)he looks beautiful .

She earned the medal and it would be ridiculous to strip her of it. I have seen her show and not sure what I think of it as she seems to face a lot of judgment and doubt from others, especially  loved ones. I like her ability  to learn new things, open up, and also to handle criticism with such grace and eloquence. A true lady.☺

I have learned to be more accepting of the Gays and Transgenders...as long as they mind their manners their escapades are fine with me.




There are no birthdays today

take a bite out of life ;-)




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