What are your flaws? 

Don't be shy!

They make you you.


Random, yes.  But my flaws are numerous and this is one.  I never sleep and because of that, I get bored and do things like this!   lol

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My only flaws are getting old and becoming a transgenarian (madeup word)...Due to my health I cant even jog  anymore so sitting still..with me itz laying in my Kingsize bed all the time is making me look old but wut the hell, itz my age & wutz supposed to happen...since my bout with breast cancer I've become really disgusted with life but the whole thing is to love life or you may not have one so I pray & meditate to be a nice person in spite of it all. Bright Blessings!

I have a limited attention span.....has been that way since when I was in school...5 minutes is about all I can take and my mind is off wondering about other things and traveling elsewhere....but, depending on what the subject matter is, I can stay focused for a while longer until others chime in and then, I'm really bored and off I go to other places, in my mind.....I always wondered if I had some sort of attention deficit disorder, but, back in my day, there weren't any kind of tests, etc.....




There are no birthdays today

take a bite out of life ;-)




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