Do you find yourselves wanting to just re-invent yourselves...whether it be different hair cut/colour, fashion, attitude, etc.....?

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I am always reinventing myself on a daily basis lol. i like to color my hair, some days go all out with makeup or even dress totally out of my norm. I do it for fun and to break up the ho hums of everyday life lol.

Exactly, Tina....I have always admired Madonna as she was always reinventing herself and I try to do the same.......even at my age, I still re-invent myself as it keeps it fresh....and it lifts my spirits as well....

I have always admired strong women in history who refused to conform to the norm. They had made their own way and were thought none the less of because they were so different. That's how i feel i am becoming being in the life style. I am me and no one can say yeah or nay about who i am.

I agree.....I value my own individuality and I can think for myself......

I do reinvent myself and it is usually  as a reaction against conformity. I colored my hair bright colors (blue and purple) when it was not really fashionable to do so. I design some of my own clothing and am viewed as an odd ball. Mostly I don't care about wht others think (except when I do and then it hurts! ;-)  ) Its hard to be impervious all of the time!

The hardest thing is the weight thing. Because of health issues I have gained some weight (and was never rail thin anyway.) At times I get so tired of the way people treat you when you are larger (and older). I worry about my health and then realize that half the stuff we read about health is just somebody's opinion. It is so frustrating to realize (as one mere example) that there is solid evidence on the negative effects of too many carbohydrates on the brain, acne, depression, weight, etc and the fact that the body needs fat and yet we are still being sold a bill of goods with regard to following a low fat diet. (Basically, I got fat and unhealthy by doing what the government told me to do to lose weight: Eat lots of grains and restrict fats - and I was hungry, depressed and miserable most of the time.) Then we criticize people as if they are at fault for not being able to "control" themselves/

There are so many examples of the way we are unkind to others by being judgemental and sexist, but it is heartening to have sisters who recognize these issues and keep up the good fight!

Even though I am older and according to society, I should conform as to wearing and acting my age,, I say, screw that.  I'll act how I want to act as long as it doesn't affect someone else...I'll let out my inner child and play and create and wear what makes me feel pretty.....I constantly change things up, experimenting and's fun, keeps people scratching ther heads and it is freeing....I've always been a free-spirit and didn't conform...




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