Are you one of those people who won't allow your food to touch each other on your plate?  Do you eat one item at a time, never mixing?  Are are anal about how the toilet paper ought to be placed on the holder?   What are some of your quirky habits?

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I have so many that I cannot list even a fraction of them.  I can't eat food if it touches any white food because it looks like fat.  I can't go to bed if i haven't checked my closet for monsters (thank you, Stephen King!).  I can't sleep during the light hours unless I am in an extreme situation.  I sometimes talk in my sleep and function as if awake, making people wonder why I don't remember anything the next day. I never do anything to anger fairies, just in case.  I bite my lip when nervous incessantly.  I pull my occasional split end apart because I don't want to cut the hair but can't handle the split part.  I sing really loudly in the shower or when i'm vacuuming because I like to pretend no one can hear me. Oh, I could go on all day.

I can't eat bacon, unless it's crozzled (English term for cooked till crispy).  Fat?  Bleurgh.  I can't stand the look of ketchup with fried eggs, or brown sauce, it's against my personal sense of esthetics.  Can't stand anything between my toes - I mean anything.  I break in a sweat at the thought of it.  Never been able to wear toe post sandals in my life!  Loved tinned rice pudding, but home makes me want to barf.  Bread and butter pudding is evil.  I once had to serve some to some students with learning disabilities bless them.  With custard; they were so proud they'd made it - I managed to serve it up and then ran to the bog and really did barf.  Mushrooms?  Love prepping them. hate eating them.  I have a dimmer switch in my room - I'm trying to wean myself off sleeping with the light on, due to night terrors.  I'm mildly dyspraxic, which sometimes makes life interesting...




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