Does it exist anymore?

Where is it?

How about honor?

People lie to get what they want.

They will hurt anyone to get ahead.

I understand that we need to protect ourselves and to stand up for ourselves, which I am guilty of not doing.

But without honor? Without respect? Without the truth?

It is like winning a race by cheating. Sure, you get the medal, but where is the pride that comes from doing it honestly?

White lies are ok. I mean, maybe a man tells his wife, "No, honey. Your butt does not look big in that". That is kind.

Or we use tact like, "Honey, you are beautiful, but I like the red dress better. It shows your curves".

But why lie? Why cheat?

If I make a mistake, I admit it and take the consequences. I tell you, it makes me try harder to be honorable. Anyway, just some random thoughts.

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Very good thoughts. I agree.




There are no birthdays today

take a bite out of life ;-)




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