How many of us are on diets all through the year?  What has or hasn't worked for you.....

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I am on a see-food diet all year long....if I see it, I eat it!!!
Bill. you are cute!  Hugs!
I hear ya, Bill....but, I gotta get my act together.......I try to be mindful of what I put in my mouth, but, sometimes, I just have that craving and I give into it...
We've all been there, Penny.  I crave chocolate once a month.  gr.  I started putting a bag of Kisses in the freezer for a small, quick treat.  I also started buying Special K Chocolately Delight with vanilla rice milk.  Yummy!  I pretend it isn't healthy.

Ww, SK!  I will look into that!  I work out like a mad woman and get muscular, but the fat-burning is hard for me.  Gr.

I am thinking about having a group on here just for weight and  health issues...sortof a support group, exercise, food tips, etc...I am waiting to see if the other administrators think it will be a good idea...of course, I want to make the group kinda private so that not everyone can see and read what we reveal on, hopefully, it will be approved and those of us who have weight issues and need support and ideas for adjusting our eating and exercise habits will happen........
Great idea!
Hmmm, I read a very interesting article in the New York Times magazine called "What if it has all been a big fat lie". (Click title to get to article). The science writer notes that the US population has become fatter and fatter (with increasing diabetes, heart disease etc.)ever since the "health establishment started recommending low-fat diets.  I have been following a low carb high fat diet and losing weight slowly but fairly painlessly.  The health benefits are amazing!  I highly recommend it. There are many interesting books that have solid research and science behind them on this. Life without Bread, Why we get Fat, The Protein Power Life Plan and if you are good on science Good Calories Bad Calories.
I will look into that too!  Maybe we could write on it in the group about weight-loss?

I have been big all my life . Even in the Marines, were we Exercised INTENSELY, everyday, I was still considered overweight.

 Some of us are just big. Watch your portions and stay active. That's the most common Sense way I have found.

 And stop judging yourself by standards that are unrealistic. Remember, Marilyn Monroe was a size 16.  Even the paramedics that came to her said about how heavy her ass was . Reuben saw the beauty in a well sized woman. 

I agree with you, Rogue..  I put some stuff on body types in that group.  See what you think.  I think it is good that the military sees BMI as important as weight.  We are all built differently.  I myself have trouble burning fat without working out and weight-lifting.  I build muscle so easily. 

Diets are great for people that are losing weight for health issues.  Personally I feel that society's view on the "Perfect" person makes people think that theyneed to go on a diet or else be scorned forever.  I think that people are beautiful just as they are big, small, medium or anything in between.  I don't base my judgement of a person on how they look, because our bodies are just a shell that protects whats inside which is the soul and the soul is what makes a person. 


Much like that old saying " You can't judge a book by its cover "


But......... I do battle with diets everyday.  The one that seemed to have helped me in the past was Weight Watchers.  I guess it just the fact that it let me eat what I wanted but less portions.   I don't diet to look good because I love me for me, I diet to be healthier.


Maybe I should also quit smoking, but one thing at a time.




There are no birthdays today

take a bite out of life ;-)




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