OK Im putting my first foot forward as a genuine concerned guy here cos Ive been talking to a lot of woman lately over the net,they happen to be drawn to me for some reason(wonder why?hahaha) no I know why its cos they feel they can open to me with full trust[Im a Councillor after all] they have all been experiencing the same problem with men,very sad to think that there are so many Bad men out their,Mmmmm guys not good!!,so I decided to take this subject in hand and pass on my general findings... here goes....

It will appear that woman adore bad guys because they present a challenge.
You may know he is evil and wild,but you're convinced that once you have managed to win his love,you can change and tame him. In movies this is often shown to be the case,but in real life? Forget it,sister...
But why do woman keep on dating weasels and falling in love with rotten scoundrels,pricks and dickheads,despite the misery they leave in their wake,is beyond me?
Do they believe that if they tame such men they'll win back self respect? Is this why woman cling to the out-and out rat,suffering humiliation,emotional and often physical pain & abuse -refusing to listen to their own common sense or the sober advice of their friends and loved ones.
Sometimes a woman may say 'enough'! and cease dating a nasty character,as some men don't always start off the bad guy they charm the woman at the start showing her everything she wants to see,till they turn and show their true colours..but then they fall straight into the same trap with another.
This is my opinion of this situation,

I think some of you think so little of yourselves that you feel convinced that you are unable to interest a kind and decent bloke.
you may even feel that,if you leave Mr Bad Guy you may never find anyone else.
If you find yourself in that position - try and be honest about it - you need to upgrade your self esteem here Remember!,every member of the human race is unique in his or her own way and that includes you...Love yourself a bit more....
Dumping that rat may leave you feeling 'empty' and you might be 'alone' for a while,but you'll recover...then you may win back your own self-respect. Bad Boys prey on vulnerable woman who have no,respect for themselves, So by loving yourselves you can be lovable to someone who genuinely wants and deserves you.

The most dangerous of the bad species is the one who is not only attractive,but also has money. Some of you are willing to trade your bodies and feelings for the material benefits. It is a fact that many woman are attracted to rich men.
A wealthy man means money for fancy restaurants,expensive clubs,big cars,designer clothing and jewellery. Throw in a luxurious penthouse flat and she's hooked. Unfortunately your devastatingly attractive rat can use emotional bribery to keep his susceptible puppet in his power.
His basic attractive 'quality' is his money,and because that's what he shares with her (emotional blackmail) she is willing to certain sacrifices. The sad fact is that he gives her all those material benefits her ex failed to provide.

Some of you were 'blessed' with fathers who treated you badly and as a result of the damage done by a 'Bad Boy dad' when it came to choosing a boyfriend,husband or lover,you choose one identical to him. When your own Bad Boy treats you badly,you tragically accept it as 'normal'. after all,arn't all men like that?
Psychiatrists have dealt with woman who are confused by the desire to be mis-treated by 'good guy' husbands,simply because their first male encounter brutal Daddy - treated them in such a way. Further down the emotionally crippled line,some woman even want their otherwise gentle men to virtually assault them before they can enjoy sexual pleasure.For them tenderness is not a turn on,but aggression is. Not good,very sad.

Some of you suffer - consciously or unconsciously - from secret guilt. This tends to turn you into masochists who feel you deserve to be punished. It is not impossible for near sadomasochistic situations to develop between men & women because of this but usually it takes the form of the chick who wastes away her life in pursuit of a handsome devil who cares very little for her,besides having sex whenever it pleases him..but,eager to please,she is always available.She has even been known to support him financially,and when he walks out or cheats on her,she is devastated.
But will she take the advice of her friends? Generally No.she would rather cling to Mr No Good.
But is she always some helpless little creature? Don't you believe it. Many of you who unhappily fall into this category,have interesting,well-paid jobs. You do it because you were brought up with the idea that woman are meant to take second place to men-and if you don't ,you feel guilty and feel bound to pay the price of daring to succeed in a mans world.

The most important quality a Bad Boy can possess is the promise of more exciting sex...and the strange pleasure some of you seem to derive from a relationship stressed with crisis after crisis and the joy of reconciliation. Not satisfied with the seeming 'boredom' of a peaceful life with a good but predictable man,you crave the 'excitement' that only a rat seems to provide.
But how can you break the pattern of sacrificing yourselves to unworthy men? Its not easy,but..
The next time he starts to dis you and trashes your carefully-prepared dinner for example saying he's tasted better - think. You deserve better than this. Then do something about it!
Hopefully you don't evolve - physically and emotionally - along with one of the Bad Boys of the world? Try to establish other relationships,outside the 'love' affair.
Bad Boys often try to cut you off from other people,but you need to retain your contacts with the world outside. Discuss your feelings and problems with friends and try to consider their opinions on the subject of your lover. They at least will be able to assess the situation from an objective point and this view may in time help you make your own decision to sort out what is destroying you.

You have met a new guy-goddamned handsome,(they usually are) sexy,intelligent,exciting --- everything youv'e wanted in a male..Great!Wonderful for you! But be on your guard. Don't be blinded by the first rush of love. At the very first sign of unwarranted aggression or arrogant behavior or the first incident of abuse or violence,object loudly..and don't let up.
Men who suffer from borderline aggressiveness problems can often be held in check if a woman objects immediately,before it becomes an accepted behavioral pattern in the relationship. Such men are often convinced that woman will continue to love them no matter how badly they behave. You may even have to consider walking out(if only temporarily) on him because this may prove enough of a shock to change his behavior in the future.This strategy may actually put you in charge of the relationship. A far healthier situation and exactly what the bad boy deserves........


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Your insight is incredible!  The last paragraph is so true especially!  Wow!




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