I went through this phase at sixty...I joined cougar clubs...sat around pouting into my cleavage...did get noticed by young men until I palmed them off on younger chicks...made my Hub who was practically dead get groomed so I could stand to look at him...it was either that or death so he went along with it...he looks great now...guys still flirt with me but I juss seem not to notice anymore...having cancer totally traumatized me so now I juss fit in the insane category...I juss don't know how to be normal around men anymore...last online bf I had, we spent the whole time being mean & teasing each other until he won't dare come near me anymore...bf before that, I made him so hot he became a daddy & his gf went after hiz act so bad he had to marry her...oh well, is all I had to say and I see them every now & then & wave at their lil' girl...meanwhile, I'm juss nuts & stay to myself mostly...wut comes after couger? I bought a cheetah throw for naps but sex juss doesn't interest me..I like looking good but really don't care if I'm noticed...my Hub kisses me & gives me sweet stuff & flowers...insanity is juss a cool breeze to me...I couldn't care less..I need a place to dwell is all...my room is totally a Bitch Cave! 

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