Fan?  Not a fan?

Love to give/receive/both?

Tips?  Horror stories? 

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Both.....a good sucking should never have a horror story........
Agreed.  I had a friend once that got her braces stuck in her man's pubic hair.  Ouch.  He wasn't too pleased to have scissors near his junk.

Be careful with that one.....but it could turn


LOL  Agreed.


Totally a fan! Yes to both.  Fortunately, I have not had any personal horror stories regarding that aspect, but the ones listed below are cringeworthy...especially the braces. If anyone has read the John Irving Novel "The World According to Garp" in which the main character's (Garp) wife is having an affair with her student (she is a college professor). In the story the character of Garp has this thing he does in which when he returns home he turns off his headlights, and puts care in neutral and coasts into the garage. Well, on this patiulary occassion the wife just happens to be giving fellation to her student in her parked car when Garp retruns home coasting into the driveway and accidentally rearends his wife car. As a result she ends up biting of the head of her student's penis. Very disturbing scene that I will never forget. LMAO

HAHAHA yes a truly brutal scene...if you haven't read any John Irving I highly recommend! 




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take a bite out of life ;-)




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