Anyone having a hard time dating after the age of 50? Or, are you dating more than ever?

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I am not 50 yet, but I am dating a man who is 57 and is about 20 years older than I.  He has been dating a lot (before me), but says he was surprized by me.  I hope that is a good thing.  :)  He said that many women wanted his money and expected him to have slowed down.  He is quite the opposite, however.  He said that it is more difficult to be with me because I expect intimacy, talking, and it takes an effort to please me that way because I don't care that he has money.  He has to take time to get to know what I like, like museums, picture taking adventures, travel, scary movies,sex,  Thai food, etc.  He likes the challenge he says and has been wonderful.  I imagine it must be hard in one's 50s to imagine what kind of relationship to have.  He and I have discussed adoption and what kind of life I envision.  I want to be a 1950s housewife while still working, going to school, and doing photography, and taking care of my kids and him and traveling a lot.  He is at the stage in life that those things are also appealing.  Some women want different things from older men or men from older women.  What does everyone else think?

I am in my late 50's and have pretty much given up....I've followed all the suggestions all the books and magazine articles say and my age are not attracted to me at all...however, younger men think I am sexy and well, damn cute,, I have come to accept that I am not datable....I have a giving heart and soul and am laid back and down to earth, but, that doesn't seem to matter...oh well.....

I bet you are and what is wrong with dating the cute younger man?  My friend is in her late 70s and dating a man who is in his early 60s.  You are an amazing and beautiful woman and any man would be nuts to pass you up!

Awww, Hetty that is so sweet of you to is frustrating and I remember that I psychic told me I would only experience love once in my lifetime.....still waiting, lol....I actually love being around younger men because they are much more open and accepting and they like the fact that I don't look my age and that things that I am into and believe in really turn them on, plus, the fact that I have a pierced nose and am a free-spirit is attractive to them as, pooooh on men my own age.....I'll stick with younger more spirited men....whoohoo!

Yay!  Good for you!

I agree with Hetty. You should check out the younger vys. Nothing wrong with that. However I am fifty and I have to wonder what's up with my peers if they aren't chasing you like a cat after a mouse. I certainly haven't slower down any.:-) 




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