By Veigsidhe Karvgwenn

Irish Charm for Surgical Acts:

This charm is used to help doctors in their practices and during important operations, I chanted it in a ritual, when my Mother was operating on the Kidney last August.You have to say that during the operation.
But we can also do it in a ritual before surgery.

"-Calum cille got up early,
Found the bones of his horse,
Leg in the cross
He placed the bones in the bones
flesh and blood,
Muscles with muscles,
The marrow marrow cord,
God as you heal this,
May you heal this."

So I did some research to find out a little more, this prayer was surely Christianized, in Ireland-Scotland because there is the notion "God" (is not the name of one of the healing Gods like Airmid, Diancecht or Aer or Freya ...) And I don’t know who that Calum blink was? Maybe a doctor or a healer? Calum is a Scottish name which means "Bruyère" there is a clan "MacCalum" or "MacCallum" (the Sons of heather) in Scotland


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