By Veigsidhe Karvgwenn.

Norse Gods:

Odin, Odhin, Othin, Wotan, Wodan, Woden, Ygg: Odin King d' Asgard, often named "Allfather" = the Father of everythings.
It is the biggest Gods Scandinavians. The quite powerful Father of the Men and Master of Valhalla, the house of the Gods and the Valkyries. Expanding wise person of the crowned Lance "Gungnir" with whom he protects Asgard, and Midgard.
Odin is the God of the Magic, the knowledge, the Wisdom, of eternity and of the timeless. As Thor or Tyr he is the God of the war, especially the war by the word and by the magic.
It is also the God of the death, but of the life, in the measure or he is active in the rites of passage and initiations. God of the poems, the victory, the fury and Runes also

Odin and the great blind in one eye old man and the bearded man, the holder of the knowledge and also God of the storm, the strengths of the light and the dark forces has his sides his two Wolves Gjere and Freke, (Gere og Freke) or "Ferocity" and "Fury". Are horse has 8 legs " Sleipnir " and perched on the shoulders two ravens which advise it " Hugin " ( wisdom) and " Munnin " ( memory).

Thor, þòrr, þòr, Asaþòrr, Thunar, Donar, Doner : Thor is the God of the Thunder, a son of Odin and the Giant de Midgard Jörd. He is the foster son of the second woman of Odin, the Goddess Frigg. He is the husband of Sif and the father of Modi, Magni, and Thurd. It is the carrier of the famous hammer of the Gods, "Mjöllnir" or "Mjolnir".
Thor is the God of the protection, the climate (of the Thunder and the rains especially), the strength, the courage and the war in the sense of fight. He is also a God of the Fertility and the Wedding.


Freya, Freyja, Vanadis, Valfreya, Mardöll, Gullveig, Gefjon: Freya is a goddess of love, fertility, war, sexuality, magic, it is her who has apris has Odin Art du Seidr and of Nidh (the Viking Shamanism). It is the guard of the magnificent necklace Brisingamen, that four dwarfs craftsmen offered her. 
Associated with great cats, she crosses heavens in a tank pulled by four great cats, She also possesses a cape made by feathers of hawk, which allows her to travel between nine worlds.

 She was married to the God Odr who has disappeared we know where? And how? She had a daughters Hnoss and another Gersimi, with him, Her to look for Odr for a long time and has to cry golden weapons which became stones of ambers. She is the daughter of Njördr Gods of the sea and Skadi the Goddess of the Winter, she is the sister of Freyr the God of the harvests, the beer, love and the peace.


Freyr, Frey, Frödhi, Ing, Ingwas : Freyr is the son of Njördr, and Skadi, it is the brother of Freya, the husband of Gerda the Goddess of Gardens and the Gardening, God of the beer and the grain, he is the boss of récoles and farmers. God of the fertility, the sun, love, the sexuality, the peace and the enjoyment.
Freyr is so soft and kind that he is known to have to sacrifice his sword has Vanaheimr continuation has the war between Ases and Vanes. (The gods of the war and those of the fertility roughly).
He has two Gods who likes him very much and which serve him in the spots everyday life, they are Byggvir and Beyla (which are everything both spouses and wife one of the other one).

Ali Lokison : Son of Loki and Sigyn.

Andhrimir :God cook, and Divinity patronizes head chefs, he is the cook of the Valhalla.

Balder, Baldur, Baldr : Balder is the favorites son of Odin and Frigg, Balder is the husband of Nanna and father of Forseti, he is the God of the light and the beauty.
His name means " the white brave prince. " 
I like very much fairy tales and I think that the myth of the Prince charming comes from this God there, although I never have few to speak about it, God reacts very badly when we ask them question on Balder regrettably, I would like to learn it more on him.

He lived formerly in a room, a room of Breidablik which her mother he had made build in the city of Asgard. 

It is known to have been tourmented by dreams on the death. Loki to kill her by evil spells and he is at present in the Kingdom of Helheimr, he was to take there not his big ship that Odin made him build Hringhomi.
At the end of Ragnarök, he will return among the alive to establish, a new order on ashes of the old world.

Bertha: goddess of the snow and the winter, as Skadi. Bertha is the mother of Gnaa and woman of the giant Niorun. Faiths popular one survived at the time of Christmas in certain countries and in certain regions of France as Alsace or the Lorraine, Bertha is a member of visitors of Christmas who visit the children to bring them of the presents (and the peace in our home especially). She becomes confused has this moment of the year also with Frigg, who has for name Bertha too, and as one of Odin's names is Jölnir ( Father of Jöl, or Father of Yule).

Beyla: it is the handmaid of Freyr with his husband Byggvir. It is the Goddess of the mead and the bees and the honey.

Bil: victim kidnapped by Màni.

Bor, Bòrr: son de Bùri and father of Odin, Hönir and Lòdur that he engendered with his wife the Giant Bestla.

Bragi, Braga, Bragi Odinson: Braga is the God of the Bards, the Dùlr (Bard shamans), Skald (Runic Poets) and poèsie. It is the Son of Odin and the husband of Idunn.

Bùri, Buri: father de Bor, it is a God of the war, the victory and the protection.

Byggvir: husband de Beyla and servant of Freyr, As Freyr it is a God of the barley, the wheat and the beer. 

Dag, Dagaz, (as the rune): day God, of the sunrise of the sun, he is the son of the Goddess Nocturne Nòtt and Delling the God of twilight. He is the custom to call and to make offerings has Dag has the dawn before beginning something important as a professional project or a journey, but in the same purpose Dag can be to replace by Odin, Thor, Njördr or Freyr.

Delling: husband de Nòtt, father of Dag and God of Twilight, of the old age and of the end of things.

Eir: handmaid of Freya, Goddess of the medicine and companion of dying, as Freya and Valkyries.

Eldir, Aldir: God of the Cooking (and Kitchen) and compagnon /or serving as Ymer God of Oceans, as Njördr.

Fimafeng: handmaid de Ymer. God of the services.

Forseti, Fosite, Foseti, Foster, Forsete: God of the forest and the wood (of him would come probably the English word: "Forest" and the French word: "La Forêt", the God of the justice. 
Forseti is the son of Nanna and Balder.

Frigg, Friggja, Frigga, Frea: Frigg a Goddess of love, as Freya and Idunn. It is the Goddess Protector of the children and the marriage. Goddess of the maternity patronize mothers, and.
She is the woman of Odin and the mother of Balder, and many more Gods whose foster mother, as Thor she is so often for example. One the call often also "Allmother" mother of quite things. 
As Nornes Frigg knows the fate of every being, but reveals it to nobody.

Fulla: handmaid de Frigg. She brings the fértilité.

Glaur: mother de Màni and of Sòl, woman of Mundilfari.

Gnaa: messenger de Frigg and Gods, she possesses a horse which gallops in the sky as on the sea.

Heimdall, tea White As: Heimdall, nicknamed also "White As". We say: L'Ase Blanc (in French), is the son of nine mothers adobtives, the girls of Ymer. His nine mothers live on Midgard, we can see them in the Sea and every Oceans, because it is them who form waves.
Protector of Asgard and Midgard. Heimdall keeps the main entrance of Valhalla and village of Asgard against bottom. Heimdall is also the Guard of the Bridge Bifröst (Bridge sacred Rainbow of the Gods). Heimdall also has the heavy load to alert the Gods the day of the twilight of the Gods, at the beginning of the Ragnarök by blowing in his horn, Gjallarhorn. He has a big room nothing that has he in the city of Asgard, named Himinnbjorg (Hill of the sky) who allows him to keep an eye on the bridge Bifröst. Heimdall is the guard of the Gods, him stay up quite the night and has the reputation not to sleep a lot. He possesses a horse which allows him to travel quickly between the worlds, Gulltopp.

Hel, Hell: it is the Goddess of the world from below her kingdom has for name Heilheimr (Earth of Hel).
It is the girl of Loki and a powerful Giant Angerboda. Hel is the Goddess who governs the decomposition, the degeneration, she looks after the madness, after the anxiety and after all the fears. She keeps the deaths who are not it to show deserving of Valhalla, or who died continuation has of evil deeds. In this last case they have better one place has its sides in its great hall of Grimlé

I don't know if it's the same name in English. The word Grimlé come the word in Old English "Grim" = "Death" and the Old Norse "Vé" = "Sacred".  Grim + Vé = Grimlé. (i don't know anymore around the word Grimlé).

Hel is the soft goddess of the death. She has half of the face plunged into the darkness of the death and the other one into the light of the life. She leads the spirits of the deceaseds in particular those who had a " straw death(" straw dead man) " or a "straw life" that is a natural death in their bed, or a life without sizes, and without pitfalls or who learnt nothing during the latter, towards their vessel to follow the current of one of twelve rivers to call Elivàgar one of these rivers result in the country of Grimlé where is the big room of Hel. Balder it finds in this big room until Ragnarök, (it is the Greco-Roman equivalent of the Tartar). 
She guards the gate of Helheimr named Helring or Vàlring.

The Nornes (Nornir) had a great hall named Vàlring also.

Hermòd: son of Odin and of Frigg and God messenger.

Hlin, Hlina: Hlin is one of handmaids of Frigg, Goddess of the consolation. She stays up the protégés of Frigg.

Hnoss, Hnöss: Daughter of Freya and of Odr, A kenning made by ailleur reference has what comes from Freya as being of pure beauty. (Kenning = stylistic device appropriate to the Scandinavian poetry, which consists in replacing a word by a circumlocution with metaphoric value.) thus when something is really very beautiful or very precious we qualify it as "Hnössnir".

Höder, Hödhr, Hod, Hodr: it is one of son of Odin, blind and dark. He is treated by Loki in his(its) plot to kill Balder. Höder is a dark God to associate has the Winter, in particular during a harsh winter, when it is very cold has Yule one says that Höder grinds in the area.

Vili, Hönir, Hönur, Hoenir: Vili is the son of Bor and Bestla, brother of Odin and Vé. There are one of first one beings to appear and helped his brothers kill the giant Ymir whose dispersal of the body allowed of created the Earth of the environment (Midgard). 
Afterward, he conferred the intelligence in first one human beings, Ask and Embla stemming from tree trunks that Odin found in Fjörd. He Is to send to Vanaheim in exchange for Njördr in peace security during the end of the war between the Gods, between Ases and Vanes, it is continuation has the end of the same war which Freyr sacrificed it are sword has Vanaheimr, buried him in fields.

Vili was the boss but gets angry that he eventually cut the head of Mimir, which was are councillor. Odin got back the head of the latter and went to place her in a source at the foot of Yggdrasill, having to resuscitate the head by magic.

Idunn, Idunna: goddess of the longevity, love, the shyness in love, guard of the apples of youth, woman of Braga. Idunn is the girl of the Giant Ivaldi and the sister of Orvandil.

Itreksjòd: goddess of conservation and the advice, one of girl of Odin.

Irmin, Ilm: God of the War, one of the sons of Odin.

Jàrnsaxa: a Giant who is the mistress of Thor before its marriage with the Goddess Sif.

Jörd: goddess of the Earth, first woman of Odin and mother of Thor.

Kvasir: God of the Bards and everything the poets, he has in him everything the powers. He "was born" by magic when Vanes and Ases spat in a bowl in peace sign.

Leikn: girl de Hel, who stays with Balder has Grimlé.

Lofn, Ljofn: handmaid de Frigg, Goddess of the lost and illegitimate loves.

Loki, Loge, Loptr, Logathore, Hvedrung :God of the Fire, the Air, God of the evil and the discord. It is the deceitful and sneaky God who takes pleasure has to make rooms knocks to the Gods and to the Men.
Loki is the son of the Giants Farbauti and Laufey.
It is one truths troublemaker who could change shape. He had two women, Angerboda with whom he had Fenrir the huge wolf, Jormungandr the huge snake of seas and Hel the Goddess of the Deaths has Heilheimr. His second wife was Sigyn, with whom hehad two sons Ali and Narfi.

He plotted to kill Balder by playing a nasty trick to the God Höder. Once dead Balder everybody was sad, the Goddess Hel taking Balder in sides of her daughter Leikn so that he have one stays not too unpleasant there. And afterward Loki was mercilessly chastised for this crime. He was to move on and to lock into a cave in the depths of Midgard, a snake to place above the head, with the poison of the snake which flows him on the face, his second wife chosen to stay with him and her placed a bowl under the snake to get back the poison, when the bowl is full she to empty her has the sea, and the time when she is there, the continuous poison to flow on the face of Loki which struggles by roaring so much this poison gets him a strong pain, it struggles until return of Sigyn what causes earthquakes.

Màni: God guard of the Moon, the brother of Sòl. The Wolf Hati is pursued not.

Mannus: son de Tuisto.

Meili: brother de Thor. Meili is the God of forgets him.

Mimir, Mime: God of the wisdom and knowledge. His head rests in the "Well of Mimir".

Modi: other son of Thor.

Nep: father de Nanna.

Njörd, Njördur, Njördr: father de Freya and of Freyr, God of the abundance, the peach(fishing), Sailors and Oceans.

Narfi: a Son de Loki.

Niorun: husband of Bertha.

Nòtt: night goddess.

Ràn: goddess of the storm, Goddess of the death for the Sailors. Woman of Ymer (also called: "Aegir")
Mother of nine foster mothers of Heimdall whose grandmother she is.

Rind: a Human which is a part of Einherjar or Einheriar (Einheri in the singular in Old Norse) " those who establish an army " or " those who fight in private " warriors, or human beings whom they are to show particularly deserving of Valhalla after their death. She was the Woman d' Odin before her marriage with Frigg. The mother of Vali Rind and which she had with Odin.

Sàga: girl d' Odin, Goddess of the poetry. She brings every day a drinking horn of mead to his father in the big room.

Saeming: goddess of the sportsmen, the wife of Nep and mother of Nanna and Vigrid.

Sif: goddess of the harvests and the grain, woman of Thor, mother of the Goddess Thrùd and Modi and Magni.
Mother of Ull of a previous union. She has a golden hair which Loki got away to her and who represents the fertility. When we meet her in Astral she has a veil or a black wig on the head which she removes at the time of Lugnasadh-Frefaxi (in August) I have to ask her for lil has two years old she my said there that it is magic.? I did not know about it anymore?

Sigyn: woman de Loki, goddess of the fertility. She crosses her life to relieve suffering of her husband, (the poison of the snake).

Nerthus: goddess of the fértility, Earth goddess, Earth Mother, or Big Goddess. (Gaïa or Dana is her other one names).

Sjofn Siofn: goddess of the passion, her has the red hair, always in plait (symbol of the passion).

Skadi: goddess of the Winter and the Ski. Woman of Ull and ex-wife of Njörd, the God of the sea. Mother of Freya and Freyr. She has never agreed to live with her spouse. She is a Giant de Jötunheim by are father and Ase by her mother Sage, it is thus the girl of Odin and Frigg. Freya and Freyr is back grandchildren of Odin and Frigg.

Sköld: enigmatic God (he is the god of what?) it is one of Son of Odin.

Sòl: goddess guard of the sun, the sister of Màni. She is permanently pursued by the Wolf Skoll.

Snotra: handmaid de Frigg. Goddess of knowledge and the self-control.

Syn: girl de Sif, Goddess of the legal right, the guard of the door of entered.

Je Lasks Dansker ( The Danish Salmon): strong and just God, he does not know either the Greek, or the Latin, he has to study by him even and of fool became a wise person.
It is the equivalent of Odin and Thor in force and in wisdom. His hammer is one weapon less formidable than that of Thor.
It is the God who is to consider as liking the do-it-yourself, and his hammer is especially of use to him has to nail nails, but regrettably it is not very talented for that, complaints one carried against him for disturbance of the peace at night.

Thrùd: goddess of the vigeur, it is the girl of Thor, she married Hod the brother of Balder.

Tuisto: God of the war and the warriors, as Odin.

Tyr, Tiw, Tiwaz, Ziu, Cyo, Irmin: God of the war, the justice and the assembly of the " Thing or Thingmenn" his name means "The God who writes with the Rune of power." He has to sacrifice are right arms in the mouth of the wolf Fenrir.

Ull, Ullr, Uller, Ullin, Wulthuz, Ollerus: son de Sif, God of the winter and the Archers. God of the hunting, boss of the oaths and the martial arts, it is the husband of Skadi.

Vali: son of Odin and of Boxing ring. God of the vengeance.

Vàr: goddess of the marriage and the pacts. She punishes the traitors.

Vidar: son of Odin and of the Giant Grid, to call to avenge the death of his father during Ragnarök.

Vidfinn: mother de Bil.

Vigrid, Vergrée: son of Nep and of Saeming, brother of Nanna. God of the poèsie, he married Saga and is the best friend of the God Ull.

Vé, Lodurr: Brother of Odin.

Vor: goddess of contracts and oaths. As Vàr.

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