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The Ultiseta Ritual "to go under hood/ to go under the branch of knowledge":

Utiseta, est une pratique du Seidr qui se traduit littéralement par : « être assis dehors », est parfois employé comme un synonyme de « voyage chamanique » ou « faring forth » (aller au loin). Ces trois termes font référence à la pratique de la projection astrale, qui survient lorsqu’une partie spécifique de notre âme quitte notre corps pour voyager vers d’autres mondes (ou vers d’autres endroits de ce monde-ci) tout en demeurant connectée avec notre corps physique.

1. The Breathing

The easiest way to start a utiseta session is by breathing in four steps: you inhale by counting up to four, you hold your breath by counting up to four, you exhale counting to four and then you count to four before you inhale again and start again. This technique automates the body’s breathing rhythm and allows it not to panic when your consciousness leaves.

So get comfortable and practice this technique for a while. If you wish to travel to the Worlds of on High, it is better not to lie on the ground but rather to sit straight and supported. But if you only want to get out and go home, I can do that no matter how I stand, whether it’s rolled up in a little ball, lying on the ground, or my back leaning on a tree and even on the train.
The firts importente thing with breathing between four beats, is to lie down as you exhale. Let out your air for four times then let yourself slide out of your body for the next four times, before breathing again. I have done this so often and for so long that today, when I do it, I lose all physical sensation of my body, my body simply no longer exists. It’s a very simple technique that I learned many years ago and it still works for me.
The first few times I tried this technique, I thought I would never make it! You just have to use your imagination and say, “If I could do it, what would it look like?” Eventually, you will begin to feel a particular sensation and you will know that this is really possible.
2. Connecting to your environment

We like to practice utiseta all night and not just for a few hours. At times you will ask yourself, “What the hell am I doing here? This is really ridiculous.” These are questions that seem necessary.

Useseta starts with this simple exercise: connect to yourself and then to your environment. Pay attention to the trees, the stones, the roots you are sitting on, the wind in the trees, the smells, etc. Start by seeing something, hearing something, feeling something and tasting something. Then two, then three, then four, and then five. Feeling five different things can be difficult, especially if you don’t move, but it’s a good exercise to connect with what’s around us.
3. Fall back to yourself

Then, when you have connected with your environment, bring your attention to yourself, inside. If you have a piece of linen with a cap, wear it and it is then that you lower the cap on your head. Turn your attention completely to yourself, so you don’t notice anything coming from the outside. Try to find the center, the nucleus of your being, at the bottom. Turn to yourself, until it exists only you. It can take you 10 or 15 or even 30 minutes to reach your center. When you are in your centre, stay there for about an hour.

Then you climb out of yourself, out of your center, and you extend your attention beyond the physical limits of your body, in order to reconnect with everything around you (trees, stones, roots you are sitting on, wind in trees, smells, etc.). But this time, you feel that all this is no longer external to you, you are only one with your environment.
And at that time, communication with the wights (spirits) and the dead is much easier.

And you do five or six cycles like that during the night. utiseta is a very powerful technique.

4. Communicating with Spirits

You need a good reason to talk to the wights. Wanting to do it because it sounds “great”, it’s not enough. The wights will ask you what you have to offer and you will get nothing. Ask yourself the question: “Why are you doing this?” Trying to do it just to see what happens is not a good answer.
Example of good reasons:
I have a question that I can’t find an answer to and I want to ask the help of my ancestors or wights
there is a part of myself that I do not know yet and I would like to be enlightened
someone came to me with a problem and I can’t find a solution
the earth is sick and I want to know how I can help it
Different ways of communicating
Go under the cape “to go under Hood”: you wrap yourself completely under a cape and meditate on a single question, until you find the answer.

We also use the term “to go under the branchs of knowledge” for these practices of Imbase Forosnai and Seidr.
Mound-sitting: if you do this on a mound or on a hill with fairies, you will be able to speak to them more easily. If you don’t know a mound, the graves of your ancestors are just as effective. I live in Europe and the mounds and hills with fairies abound. But it’s different in America.

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