Charm Bags

Making charms for a variety of purposes is both easy and effective. And what’s more, it is even fun! Here are a few simple but powerful charms: (Note: All chants are to be said three times, and after the third, conclude with “So Mote it Be!”)


For a prosperity charm, for example, take a small bag of green cloth, place three bay leaves and a small piece of lodestone inside, then anoint the outside of the bag with a drop of sweet almond oil. As you anoint the bag, say:
Fortune smile on me this day,
May all I need come my way.

Do this after the New Moon, and carry the bag on your person every day until the Full Moon, then bury the bag on your own property. (If this is not possible, then in a park or even in a planter.)


To attract a romantic lover, begin with a small bag of pink or white cloth. Add a piece of rose quartz and fill the remainder of the bag with lavender and pine needles. Anoint the bag with sweet patchouli oil. As you anoint the bag, say:
By Air, Earth, Fire and Sea,
Bring my one true love to me

Do this while the moon is waxing, but do not try it between the Full Moon and the New Moon. Sleep with the bag under your pillow until you get results.


If you are more interested in a passionate lover than a romantic one, follow the above formula, but add a stick of cinnamon and two whole nutmegs to the bag, along with the lavender, and anoint the bag with cinnamon oil. As you anoint the bag, say:
Blazing passion, my desire,
Come and set my heart on fire.

But be careful what you wish for. You just might get it! Remaining steps are the same as Romance, above.


To protect oneself from negative energy, take a small white bag; place a small piece of smoky quartz and one of clear quartz inside. Take five leaves of oleander and add them to the bag, being extremely careful not to get any sap on you. If you do come in contact with the sap, remember that it is highly toxic, so wash up immediately and thoroughly. Handling the leaves with rubber gloves is not a bad idea. Anoint the bag with Frankincense oil, saying:
Minions of the Dark now quit this place,
For only Light will I embrace.

Do this during the waning phases of the Moon, visualizing your surroundings being filled with a pure, white and golden light, driving out any darkness from every corner. At the New Moon, burn the bag, being careful to be upwind of the smoke. Remember: Oleander is deadly. Be very careful!


To attract good health, use a small blue or purple bag. Add a small piece of amethyst, then fill the bag with lavender, white sage and a little St. John’s Wort. Anoint the bag with Amber oil, saying:
Keep my mind and body strong and fit,
Strengthen both my heart and wit.

Do this during the waxing phase of the moon, and sleep with the bag under your pillow at night. This one can be kept as long as necessary, but if you wish to dispose of it, do so with respect, either burning or burying it.

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