It is suggested in the book (Mastering Astral Projection) to do these techniques in meditation outside of the bedroom. I feel we are all different and whatever spirit leads you to do, is what you should follow. More importantly, in a quiet, neat and relaxed space. This area should be peaceful, where you can zone out comfortably. You can can also add candles and incense.


It is good to practice your evening affirmations before you go to sleep at night until you feel confident in your ability to astrally project. In the beginning these practices may cause extreme tiredness, as you are utilizing more energy than normal.  


Another way to Astral Project is to sit in a chair where your back and thighs are at a 90 degree angle, and then your thighs and calves are also at a 90 degree angle with your feet flat on the floor. (see picture) Techniques like remote viewing or foreseeing are best done while awake. In some forms of Remote Viewing or Astral Projection a recliner chair was used. This was done to keep the muscles relaxed.


For Timed meditation Greg Phillips offered a good tip. Use a timer from your phone or watch. In this way you are not constantly looking at a clock or trying to calculate time.


#WitchTip: Being in water is one of the easiest ways to Astral Project. Fill a bath with as much salts as you like. I have filled a tub with 3 and 4 different textures and types of salt, so I have no recommended amount. Light a candle and incense. Then submerge as much of your body into the water as you can. Water will also help to relax your limbs and muscles to achieve the out of body Experience. Float your body in the bathtub water and begin using some of the techniques in the book or create your own visual techniques based on my description below of the astral realms.


What you will need to get started to Astral Projection:


  1. A place that is calm and comfortable where you will not be distracted by noise or objects.

  2. A timer

  3. Glass or ceramic cup of water.

  4. A journal and pen.


Out of Body Experience


Out of Body Experience or OBE is a sensation of being outside one's own body, typically floating and being able to observe oneself from a distance. Spirit is always out of the body. It is too big to contain. What we are doing with astral projection is connecting the conscious mind to the other energetic fields. This is also explained with the Electromagnetic Field Theory. Or the Aura around us. You can research Electromagnetic Radiation/Spectrum to get a more vivid explanation. Here time and space does not exist in the same mass and speed as the physical 3D experience. This is why you can “float” or fly. OBE can exist on all levels, because our electromagnetic field is all around us and in us at the same time.  





I have shortened this down to 3 levels of Out of Body Experiences. I have kept it to 3 for the purpose of Astral Projection and there are more energetic fields. These are taught in Reiki and other Anthropology subjects. Knowing these 3 stages can be incorporated into the sitting and dreaming techniques. Once you are comfortable and relaxed, take a swallow of your water.

*Water is the element that allows fluid and flowful movements within the mind and spirit. As well as helps with psychic and clairvoyant abilities.


1st Stage: Quantum Realm


Also known as lucid state, the Quantum Realm is where we can feel the things close to us. Once in this realm you can activate your body vehicles also called light bodies or Merkaba (see pic). We may feel the thoughts of others - some good, some not so good. In this first stage of astral projection, all spirits mesh as one. Overlapping. Have you ever had the same dream as others you know? Or even the same thoughts and messages? Some experiences are even called Deja Vu. To bring this to one word. We can look at it like a Quantum Entanglement, where we are connected. The Quantum Realm is the more common and comfortable realm. You still feel connected to your physical body. Feeling safe and that you can wake yourself up on command. You also feel confident in all that you know and believe because this place feels familiar. This is also a realm we travel when our bodies need rest.



















2nd Stage: Darkness


This is where things can began to feel scary and most of us without practice will wake up at this point because we can not see what is going on and have to rely more on our feelings. To be able to fully experience the Darkness Realm, we must know that fear does not exist and that we are safe. Here is where our bodies actually begin to astral project and the spirit body begins to experience things that it is not able to in the physical. It knows this. This personality trait may seem completely out of character. In this realm instead of envisioning fear start to create!!! Everything is created from darkness. Create yourself projecting higher and higher, do flips and get comfortable with the darkness. Know that you have 5 more senses. Use them to describe and create what you see. We at times depend too much on light to see. So we may ignore what we feel. When we begin to feel something that feels strange, our conscious mind starts to think it is in danger and could creates fear. This is also the realm where nightmares and our most hidden fears reside. Thus we sometimes get scared in this realm and awaken abruptly.


An example of this would be being scared of the dark, so much that you create the shadow of the trees against the windows to be a big scary monster. In this place we must use visuals to project things that will make us feel safe and trust our spirit to continue on.

#witchtip- A visual I created that removed my feelings of fear as I would enter the Darkness Realm, was to create a door. I still use this technique in my meditations and dreams to avoid waking myself up or getting scared. Once I create the door, I open the door, and walk into a bathroom. I look in the mirror. Sometimes I even turn on the faucet and wash my hands. I have entered many bathrooms some the same some different through my journey, but somehow creating a bathroom to walk into allows me to pause and not project out of the meditation or dream. I look in the mirror and tell myself I am safe and that nothing can happen to me, I am in control and aware. I may reflect on the messages and tell myself to remember specific details for journaling. After I do this, I open the same door and return to where I began and lift off into hyperspace.




3rd Stage: HyperSpace


Hyperspace. This place can be anywhere in the universe and at any time in existence. You are one with all of the Archangels and Gods/Goddesses. Here is where I feel we should aim to go during astral travel. While many use these techniques to watch others or gather information, I have been taught by my ancestors to use this place for manifestation, for petitioning of energies to be used for creating and bringing those elements back to the physical plane. This is deepest of the subconscious mind of the collective. In Hyperspace, we can format shapes and symbols, So manifest all of your desires and wishes in great detail. Make money and gold coins appear out of light and darkness. I can decide to go to Venus or Mars, see what is going on there and what messages these planets have to share.


Once I know it is time to come out of meditation or awaken I repeat the levels in reverse, Going down from Hyperspace, back to Darkness, being sure to bring my desires. Next back to the Quantum realm coming to in gratitude of the things that I now have that I brought with me.  When I come to, I take deep breaths, reflect and envision again what I invented, take a drink out of my water cup and write down what I have birthed, or any important messages.


You can also use this drinking of water techniques for dream recall. Achieve this by drinking water from your glass or ceramic mug before bedtime. When you awaken in the morning drink some more water before you put your feet on the ground. Be sure to write your dreams down in your dream journal.







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