mention this from time to time but the chakras have saved my life, they have guided me to speak to you right now and talk with articulation about consciousness. They helped me see energy for the first time, while i knew what energy was I never could control it or see it until i did chakra work. I see them more as guidelines which is one of the best ways to approach them because you can really get confused in all the gobbly gook and fancy terminology. You can sniff incense, do a yoga asana or listen to chakra meditation music all you want however the  best way to work on your chakras is by getting into the nitty gritty psychological root wounds. this is the core place of healing the chakras. 

Energy Healing will Change your Life In Beautiful Ways

1. It will transform the way you see Reality 
2. It will open your eyes to the worlds beyond this one and how energy rules our entire life
3. It will show you the door to self-acceptance & Transformation
4. It will Awaken you through soul evolution
5. It will reconnect you towards unconditional love 
6. It will help you find your inner purpose and Awaken your Dreams
7. It will teach you to be more present and aware of your thought patterns.
8. It will allow you to be more open towards Divine Support & Guidance
9. It will teach you that there are no coincidences, only signs of truth via your subconscious. 
10. It will teach you that you are Creator of your Reality

Are there Different Chakra Colors?

The chakras are not just new age mumbo jumbo they are a mystical life-changing experience!

The best way to understand the chakras is understanding that they are psychological attributes of ourselves. The most important part of healing the energy body is finding the ROOT thought that generated the imbalance/blockage.

Root: Am I connected, financially free and grounded to the Earth? Issues at birth, grounding, material reality, disconnection, tribal power, problems with money, financial situation, issues with family, immune system response, etc. Your connection to material world

Sacral: Am I creative, sensual and emotionally open? 
Creativity, sexuality and sensuality, touch, tactile sensations, emotions, emotional repression, hating sex, touch, sexual or emotional abuse, illness within reproductive glands, etc. Your emotional and sexual identity

Solar: Am I in control, free of anger and happy?
WILL POWER, key to manifesting, control, feeling out of control, your anger, frustrations, not being in control of your life, your relationship with your mother, the maturation of the ego, self identity,

Heart: Am I free from emotional hurt, love myself or others?
Self- love, relationships, empathy, compassion, emotional hurts,positive body image, jealousy, resentment, bitterness, your relationship with yourself!

Throat: Am I open to expressing myself, truthfully and creatively?
COMMUNICATION, being true to yourself, listening to others, listening to inner guidance, lying, shyness, no creative express Speaking your truth

Third Eye: Am I intuitive, Aware or have an open mind?
Inner Vision, subconscious, pituitary activity, lucid dreaming, your intuition, your feelings, nightmares, hallucinations, visions, dreaming, imagination. Your inner awareness of yourself experiencing reality. Your mind’s eye.

Crown: Am I divine, connected to all or Awakened?
DIVINITY within. Superconscious, Your belief system, faith, power within you, divine guidance system,lack of faith, Dissociation, no belief in higher power, disconnected to yourself, Your endless potentiality, Divinity in human form. 
The Awakened One.

The Chakras are only the Beginning <3

Can the opening/closing of a Chakra result in physical discomfort?

Absolutely. Any of the Chakras can manifest into illness, discomfort or pain. This is truly how illness is born, it all goes back to the energy. If someone has a block in the Root Chakra it can manifest as a bad immune system response which causes them to get sick all the time, where as someone with a block in the solar plexus can manifest as the stomach flu, a stomachache or even gallstones. Each Chakra is regulated by particular meridians of the body surrounding our organs, nervous system and endocrine system. 
Especially with the heart chakra, you can experience tightness in the chest, a feeling of heavy dense energy and even chest pain, upper back pain or shoulder pain. 
Everything is energy and when our chakras are going through a cleanse or have a blockage they can manifest into the physical to release and heal. This is why the chakras are so powerful because they are linked not just with our mind/thoughts but also with Kundalini Awakening as well. When the body is going through a cleanse it can also manifest into illness where it causes the energy to slowly heal and release. 

Chest Symptoms - You may feel a tightness within the torso, chest flutters or even in some cases chest pain. These are all signs that the heart is releasing blocked energy flow by opening up more and more light. This is creating the space for the awakened merkabah. i find usually during heart shifts, the heart will do a teeter totter of going back and forth being open and closed, the chest will feel tight. It will promotes the solar plexus to lash out in anger, then when it opens there is a deep sadness, a releasing of emotion followed by bliss and euphoric joy when the opening is reached. The new levels of empathy arise and compassion comes in all sorts of form.” [updated ascension symptoms post 2014]

I remember a few times during my own awakening i went to the ER because i was vibrating/tingling throughout my entire body while having a panic attack, thinking i was suffering an allergic reaction turns out i was just feeling the energy intensely.
You did the right thing though by going to get checked out because it’s hard to say it could actually be something serious but during kundalini awakening the unexplainable can happen. It’s good to be cautious either way. 

The Heart is all about forgiveness and self-love, how we view our relationships, how we view ourselves, compassion and empathy. In general the Heart Center is one of the most important chakras because it is the bridge connecting the lower and the higher chakras together, it awakens the merkaba that we all have within us. 
Here’s some info on Heart blocks

There seems to be a heart chakra theme going on especially with this shift.

The Descent of Kundalini

It’s interesting we always find ourselves talking of the Ascension and thee Awakening of Kundalini but what about what happens afterwards? After the sleeping serpent awakens, traveling from the sex glands to the master glands in the brain stem, Ida and pingala unite in Sushumna. However once awakened, Kundalini doesn’t only ascend, she also goes through a descent process where the energy travels back down the chakras grounding into the Material Plane. This is where the real journey starts happening and we begin synthesizing everything we have learned from the Awakening process. 

The descent of Kundalini is the  feeling after the blissful euphoria of uniting with the godhead, we need to crash back down to the planes of reality.  it’s about integrating everything you have learned from Awakening and where you start applying it to your daily life, becoming an observer of reality. No longer are you just a human body having experiences, you are an infinite soul creating endless experiences with the power of your thoughts and feels, projecting out from within. This is where many of us are currently at on our Awakening Journey. Once we are able to master internal alchemy of awakening, we open the door to integrating everything we have learned into our external reality! 

During the descent we may encounter past memories of who we were bringing up past karmic habits or memories. However now we have the wisdom and experience to let go and release the old. We fully let go of the old shell and let ourselves be guided by our superconsciousness or higher self. This allows a deep surrender to the Universe where we begin to see the power of acceptance, all happens for a reason. It is true self-realization. we begin to accept people for who they are, love becomes unconditional and there becomes a deep sense of empathy that invokes compassion even within strangers. When we’re able to start integrating the experience of our awakening, we create the gateway to endless probability. The world is yours to create and mold how you wish to live, for many this means merging our dreams into reality and making the impossible possible. 
The Descent of the Kundalini is nothing bad, it doesn’t mean you ‘descended’ rather you are in the process of integration. An Integration of not only your energy but your long term memories of experience. It gives us a higher immunity, access to cognitive awareness  and cellular repair which enables deep healing at the molecular level. Imagine going back to the beginning again, this is what the descent of kundalini is, it’s the uncovering of aeons of conditioning and the revealing of your memories. 

Now is the time we start putting what we learned into action, how do you wish to live? This is all about the power of the kundalini serpent grounding into the Earth Plane. 

Awakening is not the end, it’s merely the beginning.

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