Don’t send 267 people back to offshore detention

267 people, including small babies, could be sent back to Nauru © GetUp!

In a few days, Prime Minister Turnbull is threatening to forcibly send 267 people seeking asylum, including small babies back to detention centres where they’re at serious risk of sexual and physical assault.

Among the 267 are 80 children that were brought to Australia to receive urgent medical attention. New evidence has emerged that Paediatricians assessing many of these children said that they "are among the most traumatised we have ever seen in our 50 years of combined professional experience".

These kids are terrified at the mention of returning to the harsh conditions in Nauru. This is no way to treat vulnerable people seeking safety.

Several women have already reported sexual assault in detention, and now our leaders wants to send them back to their abusers.

Join our call before too late and tell Prime Minister Turnbull to let them stay. Urge him to close Nauru for good and process people seeking asylum swiftly and fairly in Australia.

Petition text

To: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton

We ask that you do not send the 267 vulnerable men, women, and children currently in Australia back to Nauru or Manus Island. They will face a future of indefinite detention on tiny islands with no prospect of a decent life. They will be at serious risk of physical and sexual assault.

Please let them stay.


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