playing outdoors instead of watching tv, video games, etc....growing up we didn't have any of those things except for the, we stayed outside making up games, playing baseball, soccer, badminton....what fun things did you or still do outside?

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We usta have puppet shows or make booths with cardboard boxes to sell junk jewelry & barretts...also make tents with sheets on a clothes line to sleep out....

We also had doll parties in flower gardens that were sooo beautiful!

That's awesome....sometimes we would put on shows even though they were just for us....we had our own dance parties .... back in the day, we would roam the neighborhood late at night and sleep outside in each other's backyards...

I like to meditate out side

Oh yes, Gypsy....I would sit outside and just's amazing what you can hear if you just allow yourself to be in present moment...




There are no birthdays today

take a bite out of life ;-)




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