Dancing within a cerebral vortex that is full of carnal desire,

Full of lustful fantasy that would make's you quiver with pleasure,

What is your darkest and most deepest erotic desire,

Is it the lash of the flogger as it brush up against your inner thighs,

Or being strapped down for all to share,

Or is it just the love of pain that drives you over the edge,

And into a blissful state of subspace,

How many more ways shall I tease you,

Before you succumb to total submission,

Should I make you beg before I give you that release,

Not granting you permission till I see tears,

As I lean in licking the tears from your cheek,

As I whisper yes you may,

But then again this is only 50 shades of grey,

It is your deepest darkest fantasy that I want to fullfill,

Where true bondage and submission lay,

Let a true master show you the way,

And let your deepest fetishes come out and play,


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