All I hear & see is bigotry & lies,
Corporate adulteress selling their very own souls,
Promising a future that is filled w/ illusions,
Hiding behind a two way mirror, & claiming to be full of morality,
Twisting words that they don't even know the meaning of,
What the fuck whatever happened to freedom of speech, and the right to express oneself,
When did corporate greed, become the new way of life,
Slowly taking control of what is free, & not even physical material,
When did society become so blind, are you truly going to be the lamb before the slaughter,
Or some freak laboratory experiment, with brainwashed minds!
Look before you & see what lies have been spread, all in the name of change,
Since when did change come w/ so many strings attached,
God damn I feel like a fucking puppet on a string, swaying to all the lies and half truths,
Whatever happened to killing a person w/ the truth & kindness?
I played the mime for long enough,
Now it's time to drop a dime,
And watch all the greedy Hypocrisies, make my rhyme,
For knows the time,
They will soon be mine,
I am not your lackey or some puppet on a string,
I see through your lies and all of your bigotry,
A thousand times have my songs been sung,
Claiming each as a soulless victim, blinded by their so called morality,
I am the true puppet master,
And I control your destiny w/ the edge of my blade,
And you will reap all that you have sown,
For this is my decree & my true will,
I will see you in hell where I will dine & feast pawn your pain,
NEVERMORE to be the victim of your lies, & hypocritical ways!


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