A melancolony of chaos swirling in the infinite abyss,
Ever churning in a sea of blackness,
As all emotions drain away, leaving nothing but an empty vessel,
For there is no solace or peace,
Just a tormented soul that no longer wishes to feel.

All I have ever known is pain and loss,
Only teasing touches of what life could have been,
As I walk in this sea of emptiness,
Lost is the heart and soul,
Is this freedom or just another hell?
Numb have I become, for life without love,
Is no life at all,
But all I feel from the world around me,
Is Hate, pain, and violence without end,
One to many daggers has touched this heart that is now so cold,
Why should I care,
For all it brings is more misery and pain,
That seems to never end...

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